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44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK is just so much wonderful cabaret fun for adults, who just want to laugh out loud. Especially during a pandemic, that never seems to want to go away. The huge laughs are set in these two years, 2022 and 2080. A very live and fully staged radio play, a quite sexual rom-com with audience participation, plus live sound effects, even funnier when un-synced too. Just what the doctor ordered, when the end of civilisation is upon us, via covid-19-omicron.

Celina is the clickbait journalist, that is forced to repeatedly have sex with her enemy, the office mail boy Alab Delusa. By Friday, she must fully experience a brand new sexual journey for herself, by using the book called “The 44 Different Kinds of Sex Acts That Will Change Your Life”, she will be participating in trying all 44 kinds, starting with vanilla, and then loads of kinky kink, including greek, roller-door, pegging, fetishes, BDSM, polyamory, exhibitionism, role-play, orgies etc. Safe sex using a condom is also explained.

The book and the play ignored some additional sex acts that probably can be found in the book JOY OF SEX and completely missed out on showing/explaining heavy-petting, ménage à trois, soixante-neuf, spanish, french, hand in the bush, golden showers, double penetration, etc etc.

Smacking the rockmelon with a banana, and eating out the watermelon, in order to simulate sex on stage, multiple fruits are destroyed. Plastic aprons and tarpaulins are put to very good use, as is the swimming pool built for four.

Developed with the support of Belvoir, 44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK is part of the Artists at Work Initiative.

STARRING – Rebecca Massey, Keith Robinson, Emma Harvie, Priscilla Doueihy, Matt Hardie.
Playwright – David Finnigan.
Director – Sheridan Harbridge.
Lighting and Set Design by Trent Suidgeest.
Foley Director, Sound Design and Composition by Steve Tolumin.
Photographs by Brett Boardman.

Duration of 75 MINUTES with NO INTERVAL.

Content Warnings: Adult themes, sexual references, strong language, strobe lighting and haze. Only suitable for adult audiences.

Seymour Centre from the 12th until 16th January 2022, as part of Sydney festival.







BLACK BRASS co-created and directed by Matt Edgerton. Written and performed by Kenyan-born Mararo Wangai, with composer-musician Mahamudo Selimane providing African songs with soulful passion and just stunning four chord riffs throughout. Loved the the delicious African Music, together on their African captivating journey that emotionally links Mararo Wangai to Mahamudo Selimane.

Mararo Wangai is a night-time cleaner, slowly working to vacuum the floors after cleaning up the mess of empty bottles/cans and pizza boxes, as left behind in a music recording studio. Guitar Music enlivens the many many theatrical songs, sung in English, Shangana, Swahili, Kikuyu, Xhosa etc. Mararo Wangai examines the painful shock of leaving home, and the many memories of home, and the discomfort arising from coping with being an African, who is now permanently living in Australia.

Engaging and entertaining storytelling, with clever use of the revolving set. Encompassing the vivid back-story of the African Cleaner, and also all about Africans now living in Australia, fully enjoying life by no longer fearing sudden death via murder/disappearing. Showcasing multiple African-Australian migrant stories, in words, lyrics and music. Multiple levels of meaning with ease in understanding, the complexities of living in Africa. Highly recommended.

Trumpet – Mahamudo Selimane
Sleeper – Mararo Wangai

from the 6th until 23rd January 2022.

Co-production with Performing Lines WA, in association with the Sydney Festival.

Production Photos by Richmond Kobla Dido.

Duration 70 minutes (no interval).





Belvoir has announced  that Alana Valentine will present The Myth of the General Audience as this year’s Philip Parsons Memorial Lecture, to be held at the Upstairs Theatre at Belvoir St Theatre on Monday 3rd December.

The Philip Parsons Memorial Lecture will conclude with the announcement of this year’s recipient of the illustrious Philip Parsons Fellowship for Emerging Playwrights, presented by previous Philip Parson’s Fellowship winner, Tommy Murphy. Continue reading PLAYWRIGHT ALANA VALENTINE TO PRESENT THE 2018 PHILIP PARSONS MEMORIAL LECTURE



Elaine Crombie and Ursula Yovich           Production Images: Brett Boardman

So … I went a few years ago to visit my friend who lives alternatively  in the bush.  Her life is subsistent but she makes a bit of cash as a feral pig hunter.  She is surrounded by dogs of all kinds.  Many of them scarred and scary.  Her advice to me, should I ever need it.  If there is a pack of dogs causing trouble, in the middle there will be a little one who is meanest, fiercest and smartest.  That one started the fight. This brings me to Barbara of BARBARA AND THE CAMP DOGS.

This play is written with that kind of gritty truthfulness.  Lived experience and unspoken lives collide in an explosive whipcrack over the heads of those who wonder and those who know. Continue reading BARBARA AND THE CAMP DOGS:SUPERLATIVES FAIL


Sydney theatre lovers will get a brief window of opportunity to see Australian playwright Gina Shien’s poignant play MORGAN STERN based on her brother’s battle with schizophrenia.

In Schien’s quirky play, a character named only as The Gent, part ghost, part protector, has been assigned from the other side of the planet to help Morgan, a young Sydneysider afflicted with schizophrenia.

The play shifts  between centuries and across hemispheres but remains primarily set in a still difficult to know corner of the universe – the human brain.

The production, mounted by Company of Rogues, will play Belvoir Street downstairs for two performances only in early July.  Then in August the Company are very excited to announce that it will have its international debut at the Edinburgh Festival which turns 70 this year.


MORGAN STERN will play downstairs at Belvoir Street on July 1 at 7.30 pm and July 2 at 5.30 pm.

For more about this production visit https://belvoir.com.au/events/morgan-stern/#performance-times
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook


Greta Driscoll  (played by Ellen Steele) is about to turn fifteen in 1970s Australian suburbia, and without any consultation, her controlling parents have organised for the entire school to attend her fifteenth birthday party. Greta falls asleep in her bedroom, and we experience her vivid dreams, as a magnificent costumed fantasy with spellbinding visuals.


Blue Wizard @ Belvoir Downstairs

Blue Wizard at Belvoir Downstairs as part of Mardi Gras 2015
There is a lot of skill evident in BLUE WIZARD, playing at Belvoir Downstairs at the moment. And it’s right there and up close in this intimate venue.

There are true moments of engagement. There is really accomplished puppetry from the beautiful and skilled, Nick Coyle who wears his heart and sexual orientation on his sleeve. There is a flashy but never excessive lighting design from Damien Cooper combined with a sound design that is subtler than the noise you consciously appreciate (Steve Toulmin). There is Belvoir Artistic Director Ralph Myers as Design Consultant ensuring a unified space and Belvoir Resident Director, Adena Jacobs, as Dramaturg influencing some very moving moments. Continue reading Blue Wizard @ Belvoir Downstairs

Radiance @ Belvoir

Leah Purcell and Miranda Tapsell in Belvoir's revival of Louis Nowra's classic play, RADIANCE
Leah Purcell and Miranda Tapsell in Belvoir’s revival of Louis Nowra’s classic play, RADIANCE

The setting for RADIANCE at Belvoir is created of wood and stone and water. Onto this set arrive three characters. They are sisters. Indigenous and elemental in the way of the wood and the stone and the water that has shaped them in this beach shack in stifling North Queensland.

We meet Mae who has been the carer for a mother with Alzheimer’s. Mother has died and Mae is obviously not coping. Her plan to burn down the house, starting with the squatter’s chair in which her mother died, is thwarted by the arrival of Nona. The youngest daughter has travelled there for the funeral. Also, to see if there will be any money from the sale of the tumbledown hovel. Continue reading Radiance @ Belvoir

2014 Sydney Arts Guide Stage & Screen Awards

Bell Shakespeare's WINTERS TALE  2014 winner - Best stage production
Bell Shakespeare’s WINTERS TALE  2014 winner – Best stage production


Sydney Arts Guide is a key part of stage and film culture, and exists to celebrate the art of performance, in theatres and cinemas.

2014 was a year of amazing diversity, and our twenty accredited specialist reviewers, were all spoiled for choice in the quality of the live theatre performances to be experienced in the City of Sydney, and the suburbs of Sydney.

As the old adage goes, “live theatre is not dead theatre, as there is a different performance to be experienced every night”. Our team of professional reviewers, have each nominated their personal preferences for both theatre and cinema. A small number of movies were nominated out of the hundreds of cinema films that were seen during the last twelve months.

At the end of another outstanding year for the arts in Sydney, on Wednesday 31st December 2014, Sydney Arts Guide announced its 2014 awards in these Stage and Screen categories:-

Continue reading 2014 Sydney Arts Guide Stage & Screen Awards

A Christmas Carol @ Belvoir

This is a very special Christmas Carol. Pics: Brett Boardman
This is a very special Christmas Carol. Pics: Brett Boardman

Merry is not quite the word for A CHRISTMAS CAROL playing during the Festive Season at Belvoir. The show is definitely Christmassy, definitely snowy, but it is the faithfulness to the original text which gives the show its dimension. Modernised in places and with Australian accents, the production retains the Dickensian darkness to give a depth of thought to stay with you after the flurry has melted away.

Ebenezer Scrooge (Robert Menzies) is hunched over a large ledger when the audience enters the space. Bob Cratchit (Steve Rodgers) is working faithfully beside him. After an uncomfortable visit from his nephew Fred (Eden Falk), Scrooge reluctantly closes up for the day and heads home to his bed as Bob joyfully heads home to his family. It is at 1 am, in bed, that Scrooge encounters the tortured ghost of his dead business partner, Marley (Peter Carroll).

Rest will not come easy to Scrooge on this Christmas Eve. He will be visited by Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. These apparitions bring him back to the love of humanity he knew as a small boy. In this way, will he avoid the fate of his dead partner? Continue reading A Christmas Carol @ Belvoir


Second Image

FOOD is a magnificent collaboration between Force Majeure and Belvoir St and was originally seen downstairs at Belvoir in 2012. The script has been devised by co director actor/playwright Steve Rodgers.(Warning there are at times lots of strong language) .The result is a glorious fusion of physical theatre, straight drama and dance.

Champion’s choreography includes everyday movement, and fragile, tender, intimate gestures incorporating orchestrated incidental movement in slow-mo: imagined vignettes; thoughts expressed, physically, aloud; gestures of tender, gentle touch the characters wish they could lavish on each other, if only it felt safe, permissible and possible to do so. Champion has gone for intense nuance rather than a theatrical-choreographic combination , yet she also features a small solo or interactive sequence in which the characters express their innermost authentic feelings, as they transcend the roles that they have been cast in.

Continue reading FOOD