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Bradley Gilchrist-piano, Matthew Reardon, Julie Lee Goodwin,Greg McCreanor,Ellen Malone
Bradley Gilchrist-piano, Matthew Reardon, Julie Lee Goodwin,Greg McCreanor and Ellen Malone in Harbour City Opera’s memorable Mother’s Day Concert,.

Harbour City Opera’s Mother’s Day concert used superb and passionately blended ingredients with which to bake us intensely flavoured delights. BECAUSE I SAID SO was a well-packaged and marketable concept. A crowd-pleaser with champagne, show bags and afternoon tea, it was also an impressive, endearing musical start to the company’s busy and interesting 2014 season.

Sixteen artists delivered arias, duets, a quartet and choruses from almost one and a half centuries of the operatic and art song repertoires. Outside of a staged opera the excerpts could have been in danger of emerging as a clumsy shopping list. This was not possible though in the hands of artistic director Sarah Ann Walker and well nuanced, evocative piano accompaniments from Bradley Gilchrist.

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