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Marty Feldman- second
Featured pic- Mel Brooks and Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein

“Ray circumcised himself sitting in a café called the 91 on Charlotte Street, SoHo. Ray thought he was Jesus and Jesus was Jewish. He used the knife he’d eaten his fish with. I’m pretty certain Jesus didn’t have chips with his fish.”

So goes one of the myriad anecdotes and stories that go into the minestrone of Marty Feldman’s unearthed autobiography, eyE MARTY.

This resurrected reminiscence comes 33 years after its author shuffled off his mortal coil, the same amount of time Jesus reputedly walked upon the earth. Spooky, as Marty reveals a God complex in these iris popping annals. Continue reading EYE MARTY: THE NEWLY DISCOVERED AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A COMIC GENIUS

The Wit of Joan

Joan Rivers

My house if filled with books and my life is a continuous book read from classics to prize winners, from murder and mystery to love and challenges and the odd book that makes me laugh. There aren’t too many funny books around,  I have found.

I have always been a big fan of Joan Rivers and once trotted along to a crowded theatre full of gay guys when she performed at a Sydney venue some years ago, Pity I hadn’t taken along a spare pare of knickers, I laughed so much… Nowadays, when there’s a big rainfall, I think that they’re all pissing themselves laughing in the great yonder in the sky listening to the newly arrived Joan.

Up until today, I have been having breakfast with Joan on my ipad reading her ‘Diary of a Mad Diva.” Continue reading The Wit of Joan