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There’s no mistaking the opening bars of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1 – it has been a favourite in concert halls around the globe for over a century. The Australian Youth Orchestra will join forces with the winner of the 2016 Sydney International Piano Competition, Andrey Gugnin, to bring a dazzlingly fresh performance of this beloved work, brimming with charming Russian folk tunes.

The remainder of the program is equally as magnetic. In an unusual twist, the orchestra will feature a talented young saxophonist within its woodwind section. One of Benjamin Britten’s most powerful works, Sinfonia da requiem, provides a thrilling opening to our concert, and is balanced impeccably by Rachmaninov’s driving Symphonic Dances – a staple piece amongst traditional orchestral repertoire, and quite deservedly so. Continue reading AUSTRALIAN YOUTH ORCHESTRA WITH ANDREY GUGNIN

Australian Youth Orchestra

(On tour in 2013) this concert  Barton performed with a string quartet

Positive perceptions of youth involve innovation, embracing change, recognising the need for revolution and reinventing existing formats. Our national youth orchestra displayed all of the above in its recent ‘Eroica’ concert. The works performed from this century and those past can be described as revolutionary and inspired in their novel concepts and approach to traditional structure. Emotionally, they bravely portrayed identity and sentiment.

‘Eroica’ was the first concert in the AYO’s newly devised Momentum series. These concerts and preparation will involve a change from full orchestral forces. Collaborations with soloists will result in member development, as they work on highly creative works with various guest musicians. This night succeeded in providing new experiences on stage and in the audience. The concert was also streamed live via the orchestra’s website. Continue reading Australian Youth Orchestra