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SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE presents the complete list of all available LIVE PERFORMANCE Theatre Venues and theatre companies in the CBD SYDNEY AUSTRALIA,  within THE CITY OF SYDNEY area as well as in the SUBURBS OF SYDNEY:-      

THE LIST – FULLY  UPDATED  ON  25th  October  2020  –  Living in New South Wales there is much to be proud of, particularly when it comes to the performing arts sector which includes eleven of Australia’s major performing arts organisations working in the fields of dance, theatre, opera, orchestra and chamber music. These organisations are internationally renowned and regularly perform outside Australia as well as in a number of regional arts venues. Each year more than 1.3 million people in New South Wales attend performances by major companies, with close to 450,000 students and children being engaged in educational activities in NSW.


 Within Australia, there are 28 major performing arts companies, of which ten companies are located within New South Wales. These ten companies work across a range of art and cultural spectrums from opera, theatre and drama, music and dance and include:-

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

Australian Chamber Orchestra

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bell Shakespeare Company


 Musica Viva Australia

Opera Australia

Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Theatre Company

It is estimated these ten companies alone, represent circa 40% of the private sector arts funding received through sponsorship and giving in New South Wales.

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Strategically placed for an ANZAC DAY premiere, CANOPY is ostensibly a one man WWII show about an Australian flyer shot down over Singapore in 1942.

The airman’s parachute has landed him in the canopy of a jungle, a forest infested with fauna that could be fatal, not the least being the Japanese infantry patrolling the fecund jungle floor. Silence and camouflage is crucial to the pilot’s survival, but even in the dense canopy and cacophony, invisibility and stillness are hard to ensure.

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