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A Snowflake on the Tongue of Oberon @ Kings Cross Hotel

Cupid's Flower: the cause of all the trouble

The Sydney Fringe is a magic season for theatre lovers. It’s a busy time with so many chances to see new work and encounter artists and companies which will inform the course of the Sydney theatre scene. From what I saw at A SNOWFLAKE ON THE TONGUE OF OBERON, The Red Square Collective appears to be a thriving company with a bright future. According to the program there are 20 or so people working with this project and that is a solid bedrock for success. However, they have set themselves a hard task in bringing this particular work to the stage.

It is hundreds of years after the comic goings on of Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and there is a crisis in the woods. Oberon has fallen into a deep depression after Titania’s death and has frozen everything. Even though it’s been 20 years, Oberon shows no sign of improvement and Puck has had enough. Puck has become a ‘splintered elf’ and Robin Goodfellow, his dark alter ego, hatches a plan. Continue reading A Snowflake on the Tongue of Oberon @ Kings Cross Hotel