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As the only grey haired person in the room I can truly say that I do not want to be sacrificed to save a baby in a rather bizarre reworking of the ‘Trolley Problem’.  But I needed to keep that to myself because given the unruly and constant laughter from this group of millennials-ish, they would tear me to pieces if I skewed the results of the vote about who would be murdered.  And how did it get to this from a show about autonomous sensory meridian response = ASMR?  Via the quirk in the work of comedian Issy Phillips, who has a show named almost  exactly that at the Sydney Fringe.

It begins calmly enough in the whisper and sotto voce of our host.  She’s very calm considering that her show has a huge, and very well designed, reliance on tech which decided to corrupt itself just before the show.   The calm beginning, however, is just a leaping off point as Phillips brings a range of very peculiar, very funny, slightly disturbing, situations and characters into play. Continue reading ASMR LIVE : IT BEGINS IN WHISPERS AND ENDS IN GUFFAWS