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Music theatre legend Nancye Hayes

Every Tuesday from 11.00am during the month of September 2019, media personality Susie Smither will be presenting a ‘chat show’ RED CARPET WOMEN at Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre.  The lineup of actresses is impressive. On September 3 it will be Nancye Hayes, on September 10 , Rachael Beck, on September 17,  Doctor Doctor’s Tina Bursill and Amanda Muggleton on September 24.

Susie is producing the show herself after getting the green light from Chatswood Chase’s Marketing Manager John Klein. The presentations will last between thirty to forty five minutes, finishing with the actress taking questions from the audience. Then there will be the opportunity of a pic with the actress in front of Chatswood Chase’s Media Wall.

Audiences can expect a special treat with Nancy Hayes appearance as she will be singing a number or two for them, accompanied on electric piano by Michael Tyack on electric piano. Hayes is excited about her upcoming one woman show which opens at the theatre named after her in early October.

Each actress will use the opportunity of showing favourite photos from their careers with a powerpoint presentation on a multimedia screen set up for the occasion.

Susie’s  approach to interviewing is to be well researched and to use a relaxed style. Over her career she has hosted many book launches and fashion events.  She is keen to question the actresses about the things in their lives that people may not know about, their little quirks and hobbies.

When asked who her favourite interviewer is she choose our very own Andrew Denton. ‘I like the way that he has such a natural, calm approach and he manages the interview well and doesn’t have his nose glued to his notes.”

Susie is expecting between eighty to one hundred people to attend the Tuesday chat sessions. If you are interested in  attending you will need to book. There is a $10 fee with the ticketing agency being Event Brite. Everyone who attends will receive a free gift pack with lots of goodies.

The presentations will take place on Level 1 of Chatswood Chase, with a stage area and seating set up next to the Williams Sonoma shop.

Bookings through     https://www.chatswoodchasesydney.com.au/whats-on/red-carpet-women/      

or by calling the Centre on  (02) 9419-6255 

Red Carpet Women host Susie Smither

Featured image – Tina Bursill as Meryl Knight in the tv series Doctor Doctor. Photo by John Platt.




Terrence McNally‘s play MASTERCLASS depicts a recreation of various sessions at the Juilliard School of 1971 and 1972, where three students are almost demolished in some ways by Callas and yet also encouraged and inspired in this at times witty yet very moving play by McNally that is full of vicious barbs and simultaneously poignant monologues.

It is simply staged and directed with a sure touch by Adam Spreadbury-Maher. On stage when the audience enters is a shiny grand piano and accompanist Manny Weinstock (Dobbs Franks). There is a small table with a music stand and a tall bar stool are in the opposite corner and the auditorium is brightly lit at first so Callas can see the audience. The first section of the play is dominated by autocratic demands for a cushion, the lights to be lowered and for her questions to be answered promptly and with clear diction. Continue reading MASTER CLASS : VICIOUS BARBS AMONG MOVING MONOLOGUES

THE BOOK CLUB @ The Ensemble Theatre

Amanda Muggleton wowing audiences. Production photography by  Thomas Blunt
Amanda Muggleton wowing audiences. Production photography by Thomas Blunt

The Ensemble Theatre  currently has a big membership drive going for its resident  Book Club.  There is a great deal on offer…

For the price of a regular theatre ticket you get to see an entertainment put on that combines the talents of three very fine, talented theatre-makers.

Roger Hall is a master of the middle class social comedy, best descriptor would be New Zealand’s equivalent of David Williamson. He is the scribe responsible for the  svelte smooth THE BOOK CLUB.

The helmer is none other than Rodney Fisher one of Australia’s finest directors and the deserved winner recipient of an Order Of Australia for his services to directing and writing.  The theatre program indicates that Rodney has been adapting, polishing and honing this Roger Hall; script since he took it to the Noosa Festival way back in  2008.

Continue reading THE BOOK CLUB @ The Ensemble Theatre