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Production photography: Stephen Reinhardt

When exiting the theatre, as you step over the detritic chaos created by the human and robot cast of ROOMBA NATION, don’t let your program fall from your hand.  Or, to start at the beginning, buy a program you mingy sod!  Hurrah Hurrah’s program has lots of interesting information and, as this production will go from battery strength to mains power (see what I did there) that tiny, weeny sized print on A4  may well become a collector’s item.  Reading it at your leisure, amongst the bio and blurb you will find a little bit that describes what you are about to see as the “first iteration”.  And so it is.  It’s just not quiiiite there yet but all the basics are in play.  The shape, the themes, the length, the performances and …  the physical comedy.

Clowning is a messy business, that’s for damn sure and it is such a nice floor when you arrive.  Drawn on it is lots of Fibonacci-ish, golden ratio, spiral, theorum, um … ah… stuff.  All in lovely black swirling script on the nice white floor.  Then the doctor enters and she’s in really well cut and created first night whites.  Blinding.  The Nurse also, though his whites have a swish of angler’s waders about them. She is bent on proving that her cure works, even though it currently doesn’t and he is being superseded by an array of… sigh … care bots.  No wonder he is so cranky when a cracky new victim, sorry patient, arrives to be cured.  Of what?  Who the hell knows but we can kinder guess. Continue reading ROOMBA SHROOMA – HURRAH HURRAH MESSES UP OLD 505


Skye Gellmann is an Australian Artist & Circusmaker.

Company of Rogues has a discount offer to readers of Sydney Arts Guide.  Get BEDLAM: SILLY SEASON  adult tickets for just $25.  The show is only on for one night so get in quick.

Showcasing new and emerging Sydney performers alongside the city’s coolest established artists, this is the Christmas party you always wished for. Bedlam Silly Season will be a madcap multi-genre kringle-themed cabaret blending burlesque, music and song with cutting edge comedy and seriously sizzling performance art.

THE BEDLAM CABARET is a relatively new initiative from Company of Rogues that has come about from our experience as an emerging theatre and entertainment producer. Our goal is to create a space where new and emerging artists from across Sydney can share the stage with established performers, helping to create new networks across genres and valuable opportunities for artists to learn from each other.

Every cabaret promises to be truly multi-genre in its curation. We held our first Bedlam in July as a fundraiser for one of our productions but found those involved were keen to see it return.

The Silly Season Edition tomorrow (Thursday 7th December)  will be the first of three planned Bedlams, with the next in the Mardi Gras Festival, and another around Easter 2018. Each show promises to get bigger and better.

Ballina Gee (Opera), Skye Gellmann (Circus), Nitin Vengurlekar (Comedy), Sophie deLightful (Cabaret), Alison Bennett (Cabaret), Mama La Roux (Burlesque), and Alistair Toogood (Vocalist).

When: 7th December 2017, 7pm for 8pm showtime.
Where: Red Rattler, 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville New South Wales 2204
Tickets: www.trybooking.com 
Enter the code ‘VIP’ during checkout to get your discount tickets!

For more information about The Company of Rogues visit


The Rocks Pop-Up Project- The Seagull

Production photos by Adam North
Production photos by Adam North

As part of this year’s Rock’s Pop-Up Project, Hurrah Hurrah and the Hot Blooded Theatre Company are presenting a  production of the great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL- adaption by Peter Carson- at an unused shop within the main Rocks area.

This was a marvelous piece of chamber theatre which the small audience- some twenty people- enjoyed greatly. All the nuances of Chekhov’s wonderful text came through as the cast weaved the way around the audience. Continue reading The Rocks Pop-Up Project- The Seagull