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production photography: Christopher Starnawski/Omnes Photography.

An empty stage is never an empty stage to a theatrical mind.  It is a place of possibilities … for passion and for ideas.  CONSTELLATIONS by Nick Payne is played on such a stage.

Marianne, a radio physicist, meets Roland, a beekeeper, at a barbeque.  Over and over they meet as multiple universes split off from their first quest for the secret of immortality.  These two will intertwine as their various lives intersect in short bursts of scenes which drop in and out of the multiverse.  It’s a complex watch and an even more complex creation.

In the current iteration there is a gifted creative team at work behind the show.  Director Victor Kalka often works with cast members Alice Birbara and Henry Hulme and on this occasion has guided his cast to a very coherent interpretation of some very difficult writing.  He has given this production an usual take, inspired no doubt by his interrogation of the text.  Continue reading CONSTELLATIONS: INTRICATE AND MOVING


Production photography: Clare Hawley

BROTHERS KARAMAZOV is Arrive. Devise. Repeat’s latest production. It is seductive in the scale of its ambition and engrossing in its elevated commitment to the exploration of Dostoevsky’s 900-page narrative defence of rationalism.  But it’s a tough sell. Continue reading BROTHERS KARAMAZOV: DOSTOEVSKY’S MASTERPIECE UNSOILED


BITCH BOXER played as part of the Sydney Fringe and was performed in one of the tiniest rooms of the Erskineville Town Hall.

The stage is not much bigger than a boxing ring, the athlete is within touching distance… it’s close enough to see the scars.

Not the broken nose or cut eye of a traditional boxer but the insidious psyche-rending damage of gender, class and loss. Ambition and talent will get Chloe into contention but her primacy will depend entirely on well scabbed emotional hurts.

Chloe is 21. She is a female boxer who is up for the London Olympic Women’s Boxing Team. She lives in Leytonstone, spitting distance from the proposed venue. Her dad, an ex-boxer himself, has channelled her aggression at the departure of her mother into the sport. And there is a love interest who makes her feel soft and safe despite herself. Rounds are won but love, familial and romantic, might be the sucker punch that sends her plans to the mat. Continue reading SYDNEY FRINGE : CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE’S ‘BITCH BOXER’


Christie New, Adam Marks, Alice Birbara, Charlie Jones and Victor Kalka
Christie New, Adam Marks, Alice Birbara, Charlie Jones and Victor Kalka

HEDDA after HEDDA GABLER is just wonderful. I loved it. It’s a slow, intense treatise on what theatre is … not for us the viewer but for the characters. The creations. The manifestations of imagination. The fleshed concepts pulled from a page and given presence. The actors don’t really exist, just the characters and the lives given them by the playwright. Continue reading HEDDA AFTER HEDDA GABLER @ KINGS CROSS HOTEL