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AMERICAN PSYCHO THE MUSICAL seems an incongruous pairing of  murder and the lyrical however it follows a surprisingly long list of killer musicals, such as Little Shop Of Horrors, Sweeney Todd and Assassins, to name but a few. Even the Broadway blockbusters have dark  hearts. West Side story – intolerance, Fiddler On The Rood – anti semitism, My Fair Lady – sexism, South Pacific and Porgy and Bess – racism.

The protagonist Patrick Bateman says towards the end of the show that this not a fable, this is not an allegory. However in the same way he lies to his ‘friends’ he is also lying to us. It is  a cautionary tale. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis with music and lyrics by Duncan Sheik this is an allegory about what happens when consumerism runs riot and the rich feel entitled to do anything. Indeed, there have been studies on road safety that have shown that drivers of expensive cars will disobey a stop sign three times more than the driver of a more humble car.

Set in the late eighties, early nineties when ‘greed is good’ was the mantra and Wall Street was in a massive bubble, those with too much money had no purpose but to find the next thrill be it in a fashionable new restaurant, status dripping motor car, labelled apparel and the next designer drug. To a psychopath such as Patrick Bateman, he feels that he is entitled to experience in  his mind the ultimate thrill, slaughtering someone, be it somebody he knows or a complete stranger. And yet it is, at times, very funny, admittedly black comedy, there are laughs to be had. Continue reading AMERICAN PSYCHO THE MUSICAL @ THE HAYES THEATRE


Josh Quong Tart_Dead Cat Bounce_ Photo Brett Boardman_

As if their twenty year age gap wasn’t difficult enough, Matilda’s is fighting for space in Gabe’s  life along with his constant companions, misery, writerly angst and booze. She’s not convinced he’s over with his ex girlfriend and publisher, Angela, who is used to picking up Gabe’s  pieces.

If Gabe wants to get sober he’ll have to abandon his image as the tragic, self destructive writer drinking his way to oblivion. And if Angela’s really trying to let Gabe go, like her partner Tony needs her to, she needs to say goodbye to Gabe’s wretched cat that she is looking after.

That is a lot that goes on in Mary Rachel Brown’s play and it’s mostly about  what goes on internally, in the hearts and minds of its  characters. Continue reading DEAD CAT BOUNCE : IMMERSIVE THEATRE @ THE STABLES


I get this play! Young playwright Brooke Robinson has tackled a very worthy subject in a bold, confronting way.

The subject is flat sharing. Flat sharing is usually the domain of young people in between leaving the family home and settling down with a partner and creating a family of their own. It’s a time where often young people usually let their hair down, have parties, leave dishes in the sink overnight or for days on end….

With her play Robinson gives us a very different demographic. She imagines what it would be like now, in Sydney, for a frail, middle-aged person to be looking for share accommodation.

Robinson’s main character is Sandra, a woman in her fifties who has been undergoing cancer treatment. When the play starts we see her arriving home to a unit which she shares with a young couple. Sandra is looking forward to cooking dinner for them. She is greeted with the news that they are giving her notice. They have a friend who needs a place to stay. She is given two weeks to find a new place. Continue reading GOOD COOK. FRIENDLY. CLEAN. @ THE STABLES


Production images Robert Catto

Should you have somehow missed the metaphors of scale in the beginning of THERE WILL BE A CLIMAX, there is no subtlety later in the show.  The irony of a third-of-a person-sized My Little Pony should gallop it on home.  The pony arrives from the ‘heavens’ with a whole heap of other consumer items somewhere towards the climax… sort of climax … well hardly a climax … not my idea of a climax anyway.  Abandon all ye preconceptions who enter here! Continue reading THERE WILL BE A …………… CLIMAX