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Production images -Clare Hawley

It really isn’t going to be for everyone but I adored THE MOORS.  The black humour grabbed my jaded funny bone and wrestled in into a very odd shape.  Plus, weirdly, my typhus must have been acting up because I could hardly breathe in places.  It is a deliciously detailed production which, despite being non-sequitur free, is alarmingly disorienting and it’s ferociously feminist and with some remarkably troubling hits over the head with a Bronte.  And an easy to follow narrative … go figure.

It begins with a nunnunnunnah. And from there on Nate Edmondson’s audio design leaves no clichéd audio cue unreferenced.  It takes the horrible from horror with a score which interlaces plunks and a distant pipe strike and swirls of strings and a contrapuntal discordancy in places.  It never overwhelms and even has a bell motif that rings distant from a hillock through the fog!  Continue reading THE MOORS: WELL, I LOVED IT!


production photos Felicity Tchorlian.

Nope…never done that.   Really, that’s a thing? Noooo…  It’s possible my inner monologue got the better of me during THE CAROUSEL playing at Kings Cross Theatre as part of their Step Up Festival.  It’s about sisters, you see, and I have only one brother, younger and still annoying.  So wisely, I took along with me a friend who is somewhat oversupplied with sisters.

In the end I didn’t actually need my friend’s advice.  THE CAROUSEL is so cleverly constructed and the performances so expertly placed that everyone is welcome to relate in this frantic, crazy, sneakily political sisterhood.  Judging from the amount of male laughter, you don’t need to be female either. Continue reading ‘THE CAROUSEL’: SISTERS STEP UP AT KXT

The Carousel: Part of KXT Step Up Festival

Photos: Felicity Tchorlian

A deadline.  A pet spider.  A bucket list budget.

THE CAROUSEL will play at the Kings Cross Theatre as part of the KXT Step Up Festival.  THE CAROUSEL is a new Australian play that explores the limits of unconditional love between sisters.

Christa and Jamie (Alex Francis and Tasha O’Brien) are sisters. Together they are embarking upon the treacherous transition between girlhood and womanhood. As girls they learn about the horrors of life, and as young women they inevitably start to live them. Christa wants Jamie to start living, Jamie refuses to leave the house. Continue reading The Carousel: Part of KXT Step Up Festival



Production photography by Zaina Ahmed.

There are two ‘good wives’ standing centre stage and back to back as the show opens. Each is speaking in support of their husband … good men who are sending their countries to war for the best of reasons if we believe the wives. These are the first ladies of agoge and of discourse. Lampito speaks for Archidamus of Sparta. The virtues of Pericles of the city state of Athens are extoled by Lysistrata. BEFORE LYSISTRATA is an intelligent, driven and timely treatise on what happens when women step from the shade thrown by great men.

Aristophanes’ was living through the Peloponnesian War when his comic play LYSISTRATA (about 411 BCE) took revolutionary, yet disguised, gender relations to the masses. His titular heroine is responsible for creating a no sex strike by the women of the warring nations. A ploy to force the warriors to peace. This Montague Basement production is an original story which looks at how Lysistrata might have been brought to the point of such a politically volatile solution to a very long war. Continue reading BEFORE LYSISTRATA : A THOUGHT PROVOKING PRODUCTION BY MONTAGUE BASEMENT