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FOURPLAY presented by Factory Space Theatre Company @ Manly

FOURPLAY – Three innovative and adventurous short plays, by Suzanne Hauser, Sally Williams and Alex Broun, and then the Sydney Première of “Wellness: A social Justice Play” by Ella Arendelle. A throughly entertaining night of live theatre, very fast paced, and an absolute audience pleaser. ROZ RILEY has expertly directed her ensemble cast, providing the eight actors with multiple roles galore, in four delightful thought-provoking dramas.


(1) BETWEEN BAD RELATIONS by Alex Broun with additional evidence by Emma Willis:
An Obsession with Fame, and the importance of consequences, the magnificent Violin Concerto score that she dreamed into being. The handsome Violin Virtuoso with outstanding technical ability, who some six months later he finally performs the magnificent Violin Concerto, and then both instantly fall into lust, with multiple repercussions. So how can she be fully in love/lust with two people at the same time?
Witnesses called: Berthold, Cal, Lesley, Compton
Offences: Self-interest, Arrogance, Indecision

(2) RAIN by Suzanne Hauser:
An Obsession with Sex, manuscript filled with raw adultery and heartfelt morality issues all about a freshly impecunious married man and his mistress, and the multiple events that happen when his wife finally becomes pregnant. Of course the man loses all, but which of the two woman will win all, the mistress or the wife?
Witnesses called: Beatrice, Darrell and Alison
Offences: Lust, Deceit and Cowardice


(3) OPEN LETTER by Sally Williams with additional evidence by Emma Willis:
An Obsession with Death and with Dying, and the journey along the path to the end of your life on Planet Earth. Could the existence of a poison filled hypodermic syringe make any difference?
Witnesses called: Beatrice, Berthold, Cal, Compton
Offences: Secrecy, Betrayal, Murder

(4) WELLNESS by Ella Arendelle:
An Obsession with ‘Chocolate’ provides a life-affirming play about enjoying life, curvy women, and societal expectations for curvy women.
Witnesses called: Alison, Beatrice, Berthold, Cal, Darrell, Compton, Lesley
Offences: Judgment, Micro-aggressions, Ignorance
Presiding judge: Alana



Alana ( Multi coloured ) – Ella Arendelle

Alison ( Baby Blue ) – Lisa Stewart

Beatrice ( Brown ) – Rebekah Mowbray

Berthold ( Purple ) – Paul Chambers

Cal ( Red ) – Samantha Proctor

Compton ( Orange ) – Rohin Thompson

Darrell ( Silver ) – Kurtis Wakefield

Lesley ( Sea Green ) – Michael Barlow


Directed by Roz Riley
Production Photography by John Reeves
Production Manager and Sound Design by Lindsay Walton
Lighting by Stephen Dean
Technical Crew: Nick Adam
Design by Hecate
WELLNESS Original Dramaturgy by George Lazaris

Factory Space Theatre Company presents “FOURPLAY”.

Star Of The Sea Theatre, at the corner of Collingwood Street and Iluka Avenue, Manly.

Live on stage from Friday 28th June 2019 until Saturday 13th July 2019.   Friday and Saturday shows at 7.30pm with Sunday Matinee shows at 2.00pm

Running time 120 minutes, including the 15 minute interval.

No videos or photography to be taken during the performance.












MORE SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE directed by Roz Riley, is a fresh new collection of short plays on these popular themes by a talented group of writers including Sky Yeager, Alex Broun, Emma Watson, Geneieve Mortiss, Micah Joel, Julia Lewis, Pete Malicki, James Hazelden and this year’s competition winner, Therese Cloonan’s Number 141.

A strong ensemble cast brings these vignettes alive including Karoline Rose O’Sullivan, Leon Kowalski, James Belfrage, Sandra Bass, Rhianne Evelyn-Ross, Neil Modra, Elly Hiraani Clapin, Robyn Makhoul, Katharine Marie Robertson, Rob White and Amanda Jermyn. Refreshingly different night out on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which will keep you talking for many hours afterwards.

All the pieces are linked by the Presiding Angel (Zephon), who takes over the beautiful body of a suicide victim, and then arrives back on earth, to find out how humans manage their lives of free will, with all the bittersweet consequences and all the existential angst that comes with it.

My pick of the plays was Diabolical written by James Hazelden as directed by Alison Albany, which had an very unusual take on what happens when you use public transport on a night out,  still with one unanswered question about the wife.

A Factory Space Theatre Company production,  MORE SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE is playing at the Star of the Sea Theatre, on the corner of Collingwood Street and Iluka Avenue, Manly, (located in the grounds of the Stella Maris College) until Saturday 18th October 2014.



The cast of a a new musical about Tim Freedman and THE WHITLAMS
The cast of a a new musical featuring the songs of Tim Freedman and THE WHITLAMS

Everyone who adores the music of Tim Freedman and The Whitlams, should see this new musical with a strong autobiographical bent: TRUTH, BEAUTY AND A PICTURE OF YOU.

The long anticipated musical, TRUTH, BEAUTY AND A PICTURE OF YOU, is now on stage in its World Premiere. Directed and produced by Neil Gooding, and stars Ian Stenlake (Guys and Dolls, Sea Patrol), Erica Lovell (Little Women, Spring Awakening), Scott Irwin, Toby Francis and Ross Chisari, and is inspired by and based on the song characters, stories and lyrics, of one of Australia’s greatest singer-songwriters, Tim Freedman.

On 4th December 2011, I saw the one workshop presentation of this new Australian musical at the Fusebox in Marrickville. The very early beginnings of TRUTH, BEAUTY AND A PICTURE OF YOU, was part of a New Musicals Australia Workshop Presentation, and this new musical had a very limited seven day rehearsal process, with a full professional cast and production team.

Based on an original story idea by Alex Broun, Tim Freedman’s classic songs have been cleverly crafted into an original storyline and very moving drama. Many years ago, all the band members were legends living in three blocks in the inner-west. Tightly paced, the story quickly moves backwards and forwards through time, as seen through the eyes of Tom, the 20 year old son of a former band member, and his Mosman girlfriend, whilst revealing all about the life-long friendships of his Dad’s Newtown band and the band mates’ lost youth, and the son finally discovers the whole truth about his father. In the words of Alex Broun, “Tim’s music and lyrics have always captured a timeless essence of human interaction – love, longing, loneliness.”

Highly Recommended, a great nights entertainment as this extraordinary cast of Sydney’s finest musical theatre talent, showcase THE WHITLAMS’ biggest hits from their four platinum albums, and their lyrics quickly move the story forward, and include: You Gotta Love This City, Laugh in their Faces, God Drinks at the Sando (yes The Sando has gone, so these days the “Botany View Hotel”), Buy Now Pay Later, Beauty in Me, No Aphrodisiac, Blow up the Pokies, Fall for You, Charlie No.1, Keep the Light On and Best Work.

Directed and Produced by Neil Gooding
Musical Direction by Andrew Worboys
Music and Lyrics by Tim Freedman
Book by Alex Broun and Tim Freedman
Based on an idea by Alex Broun

Hayes Theatre Co, 19 Greenknowe Avenue, Potts Point

9 May 2014 until 1 June 2014


This show contains some coarse language and sexual references. May not be suitable for children under 13.


Second Image

CRASH TEST DRAMA SYDNEY is on each month, and is the most amazing live theatre event. You must experience this unusual form of live theatre, with eight to ten brand-new ten-minute plays, seen for the first time in Sydney. Done as moved readings of plays (script-in-hand) with the auditions, balloted casting and rehearsals all done in under two hours before showtime. Performed live in front of a play’s first audience from 7:30pm, and costs only $15.00 cash at the door, at New Theatre, 542 King Street, Newtown. Prizes are awarded at the end of the night, so you immediately know which actors/actresses and plays have won.

Continue reading CRASH TEST DRAMA SYDNEY April 2014


A short play fest at the Star Of The Sea

‘Like a box of chocolates some are sweet, some bitter and tantalising, some childhood favorites, and some are totally unexpected’.

SEX DEATH AND CHOCOLATE is a very cleverly constructed collage of seven connected short plays about our very human vices.

Each character lives and dies, caught within episodes of their life journeys, at different ages and times, with the actors in multiple roles.