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This image: Eloise Snape, David Lynch & Diana McLean in AIR
Featured Image: Eloise Snape
Production Photos: Mansoor Noor

Though AIR, the present production on at the Old 505 Theatre in Newtown, is written around the themes of death and grief there is much black comedy throughout the play to lighten the mood. The audience is absorbed in the different stories of how those who are dealing with the loss of loved ones cope and the consequences of these interactions on the central character Annabel.

The playwright Joanna Erskine uses a magical world within a realistic setting to cross the boundaries between the living and the dead. The inspiration for the play came from Erskine’s own experiences with death and grief and a small notice in a newspaper’s obituaries column, advertising a radio program that reads the death notices daily. The play is set in the community radio station 2RIP where Annabel, played with sincerity and ever changing emotions by Eloise Snape, wishes to be left alone in her grief as she reads the obituaries on the overnight shift. Continue reading AIR: FACING DEATH, LOSS AND BEYOND