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Cheaters always cheat, so can trust be restored?

ZELOS is the perfect title, for this Australian indie feature movie film, as the word in Greek has the meaning of ZEAL and PASSION, but also of JEALOUSY and SUSPICION.

The nature of  freedom versus responsibility in relationships is explored, during this different and intriguing story of  two successful thirty-somethings, Bernard (Ben Mortley:- Lantana, McLeod’s Daughters, Drift, Foreshadow, Pinch) and Sarah (Shannon Ashlyn:- Wolf Creek 2, Love Child, Dripping in Chocolate, Puberty Blues, Devil’s Dust).

ZELOS takes a bold and brave path that shows precisely how both Bernard and Sarah cope, from the announcement of her affair whilst overseas on holiday without Bernard.

With the notion of salvaging their relationship, and in a bid to restore his trust, Sarah insists that Bernard sleep with another woman to even the score.

What could possibly go wrong?! Whole levels of their relationship immediately take on a very different dynamic, fuelled by Bernard’s constant questions and jealousy.

ZELOS is fast paced entertainment, with the perfect cast of Sydney based actors. The movie is  a film helmed predominantly by women, including director, co-producers, writer, cinematographer, editor and female-dominated crew.                 Continue reading ZELOS : LOCAL INDI FILMMAKING AT ITS BOLDEST


Ainslie McGlynn (Anna), Sabryna Te'o (Bridget), Sonya Kerr (Dominique), Lucy Goleby (Rowena),  and Sarah Aubrey (Jenny). Pic Katy Green Loughrey
Ainslie McGlynn (Anna), Sabryna Te’o (Bridget), Sonya Kerr (Dominique), Lucy Goleby (Rowena), and Sarah Aubrey (Jenny) share a story. Pic Katy Green Loughrey

Mad March Hare Theatre’s production at The Old Fitzroy Theatre makes for a very enjoyable evening’s entertainment. Playwright Jonathan Gavin’s script has rich and rapid fire dialogue. The play features seven women and is the story of their friendships.

A MOMENT ON THE LIPS opens with a party where the seven characters display that there is some discord within the group. The drama then backtracks and fills in how the relationships and friendships have ebbed and flowed over the years to reach their current status. The characters reveal themselves in different ways but essentially this was constrained and trivial until an event happened when the veneer of being polite or superficial was dropped and a type of cathartic cleansing takes place.

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