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Brian Friel’s AFTERPLAY @ OLD 505

Wayne Bassett and Emma Skelton star in Brian Friel’s AFTERLIFE

Chekhov is such a specific playwright that he even has an adjective. However, AFTERPLAY, which is part of the Sydney Fringe and playing at Old 505, avoids being Chekhovian despite the characters having been pulled from lives created by the Russian master of Realism. Unlike many of the reverentially comic interpretations of the Chekhov canon, this production has many laugh-out-loud moments.

Sonya is the smart, plain niece of UNCLE VANYA and Andrey is the dissolute, disillusioned brother of the THREE SISTERS. In a post-revolutionary Russian café twenty years after we last saw them, then in the environment created by their master, we meet them again: this time shaped by a modern master. They don’t know that they share a maker but there is a connection wrought of loneliness and the experience of their younger selves. Continue reading Brian Friel’s AFTERPLAY @ OLD 505