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Terrence McNally‘s play MASTERCLASS depicts a recreation of various sessions at the Juilliard School of 1971 and 1972, where three students are almost demolished in some ways by Callas and yet also encouraged and inspired in this at times witty yet very moving play by McNally that is full of vicious barbs and simultaneously poignant monologues.

It is simply staged and directed with a sure touch by Adam Spreadbury-Maher. On stage when the audience enters is a shiny grand piano and accompanist Manny Weinstock (Dobbs Franks). There is a small table with a music stand and a tall bar stool are in the opposite corner and the auditorium is brightly lit at first so Callas can see the audience. The first section of the play is dominated by autocratic demands for a cushion, the lights to be lowered and for her questions to be answered promptly and with clear diction. Continue reading MASTER CLASS : VICIOUS BARBS AMONG MOVING MONOLOGUES