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Despite the evident time of year, A CHRISTMAS CAROL is a play cleverly out of joint.  First impressions provide an audience with context.  There are Christmas pines upside down, rope lit with electric white.  Yet, darkly at the head of the stage, the gloomy mirror dims their reflection.

This A CHRISTMAS CAROL is modern yet classic, contemporaneous yet true to its literary historical roots.  In addition, it has a wide appeal.  Both for those who revel in the season and those, like me, who try and avoid it.  It’s seriously comic is places and serious in others.  Thematically it enriches the watcher and touches the heart and I can enjoy that whatever the milieu and whenever the time of year. Continue reading DICKENS’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL: A RESPECTFUL MODERN TAKE

A Christmas Carol @ Belvoir

This is a very special Christmas Carol. Pics: Brett Boardman
This is a very special Christmas Carol. Pics: Brett Boardman

Merry is not quite the word for A CHRISTMAS CAROL playing during the Festive Season at Belvoir. The show is definitely Christmassy, definitely snowy, but it is the faithfulness to the original text which gives the show its dimension. Modernised in places and with Australian accents, the production retains the Dickensian darkness to give a depth of thought to stay with you after the flurry has melted away.

Ebenezer Scrooge (Robert Menzies) is hunched over a large ledger when the audience enters the space. Bob Cratchit (Steve Rodgers) is working faithfully beside him. After an uncomfortable visit from his nephew Fred (Eden Falk), Scrooge reluctantly closes up for the day and heads home to his bed as Bob joyfully heads home to his family. It is at 1 am, in bed, that Scrooge encounters the tortured ghost of his dead business partner, Marley (Peter Carroll).

Rest will not come easy to Scrooge on this Christmas Eve. He will be visited by Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. These apparitions bring him back to the love of humanity he knew as a small boy. In this way, will he avoid the fate of his dead partner? Continue reading A Christmas Carol @ Belvoir