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In Richard Harris’ epic, evergreen pop song MacArthur’s Park the firebrand performer and songwriter sang about a relationship in these metaphorical terms, and I paraphrase, ‘I have made the perfect cake, but I left out in the rain, and it took so long to make it, and I’ll never have that recipe again’.

I don’t know long he took to make it but  American thespian Michael Bennett sure did come up with a wonderful recipe for a musical with his show which is currently having a revival care of So Popera Productions at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre. Continue reading A CHORUS LINE : PLENTY OF RAZZLE DAZZLE @ IPAC


Chorus LineThis is  a pure entertainment experience first seen in 1975, and coming from that time when the Broadway musical scene was in full unrivaled glory,

Be taken on a life affirming, two hour emotional roller coaster ride delivered in song and dance. A CHORUS LINE the entire cast delivers emotionally charged performances, and triumphantly delivers the ultimate expression, of what all musicals need to be.

Conceived by Michael Bennett, dancers try out for a new musical, before a very demanding director. Based on stories from real Broadway dancers, as remembered by fellow dancer and choreographer Michael Bennett. Book by Nicholas Dante and James Kirkwood, is still very fresh and marvellously creative, with its dancer audition line-up of twenty-six unique individuals. Full of life characters, with true-to-life back stories. Continue reading MANLY MUSICAL SOCIETY PRESENTS A CHORUS LINE @ STAR OF THE SEA THEATRE MANLY


Second Image
Archival photo of Michael White with one of his celebrity friends, Jack Nicholson

THE LAST IMPRESSARIO is a documentary about “the most famous man you have never heard of,” the theatre producer Michael White. Michael was responsible for Oh! Calcutta!, A Chorus Line, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Joseph & The Technicolour Dreamcoat, Annie, and The Comic Strip Presents.

This warm tribute is a tale full of fascinating details of life in London’s swinging sixties and the numerous artistic, professional and personal relationships with fascinating people who were drawn to Michael’s vibrant and fun loving personality. Numerous people tell us about being in awe of his achievements and his popularity. We learn of this second hand and do not experience this ourselves as he is now a frail, elderly man. Some of the people sharing their impressions of Michael are Kate Moss, Yoko Ono, John Cleese, Bill Oddie, Naomi Watts, the American director John Waters, Barry Humphries, Anna Wintour, Rachel Ward and Jim Sharman.

Gracie Otto met Michael by chance in Cannes 2010 and was drawn to this character that numerous high profile performers, arts and entertainment people would approach at the exclusive industry parties. So began the journey of bringing his fascinating and untold story to screen, which led her to travel to 6 countries over 3 years, interviewing 70 people, including the man himself.

Across his 50 year career Michael has produced 101 stage productions and 27 films. A prolific London theatre and film impresario, playboy, gambler, bon vivant and friend of the rich and famous, he is now in his late 70’s. He is renowned for breaking the next big thing, including fostering Australian talent such as Greta Scacchi, Rachel Ward, Naomi Watts, Meryl Tankard and Barry Humphries, to name a few. White brought Yoko Ono to Britain, introduced dance pioneers Merce Cunningham and Pina Bausch to the wider world and made Vogue editor Anna Wintour to pay attention to Kate Moss.

This is an celebrity studded film covering the highs and spectacular lows of Michael’s career.There is plenty of archival footage and evocative photographs of the rich and famous including David Bowie, Jack Nicholson, Prince Charles, Koo Stark, Mick Jagger, Maggie Thatcher, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Jim Sharman, Elizabeth Taylor and Paul McCartney give glimpses into Michael’s life.

My only reservation with the film is with its celebrity focus how well do we really get to know the man behind the legend?!  We only seem to see certain aspects of him.

THE LAST IMPRESSARIO  screened at the 2014 Sydney Film Festival and is on limited release from 26th June. For more about The Last Impresario, visit http://www.thelastimpresario.com/


James Morgan’s great pic of the finale

The classic 1975 Broadway musical, A CHORUS LINE, has an irresistible recipe, wonderful music together with a great storyline with a huge heart.

It was groundbreaking for its time in its documentary style, exploring the often troubled personal stories of a group of performers auditioning for places in the chorus line of an upcoming high profile new musical.

Not quite 40 years later, Baayork Lee, one of the participants in the original workshop production of A CHORUS LINE, and on whom the character Connie is based, is directing this touring production.

Lee has come up with a bold, stunning production that runs straight through in a couple of hours.

In a show filled with highlights, Karlee Misipeka’s (Diana) delivery of the classic ballad WHAT I DID FOR LOVE and Debora Krizak (Sheila), Stephanie Grigg (Maggie) and Monique Salle’s (Bebe) rendition of AT THE BALLET were particular highlights.

You will have to be quick to catch this production. There are only twenty one performances at the wonderful Capitol theatre with the show leaving town on Saturday 11th August.

(c) David Kary

25th July, 2012

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