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WOMEN – PAST, FUTURE, PRESENT REDFERN is an exhibition by artist and designer – Missy Dempsey.  It gives a glimpse into the lives of 6 wonderful women from the Redfern community:

Jinny-Jane Smith: Aboriginal Liaison Officer - Inner Sydney Voice
Syrenne Anu: Digital Photographer at Ngakkan Nyaagu
Kat Dopper: Founder of Heaps Gay
Sarah Clifford: Kindergarten Teacher and education enthusiast
Doctor Marie Healy: Redfern Station Medical GP
Abigail David: Indigenous Digital Excellence Programs Facilitator

By contrasting audio and visual elements, Dempsey has created  a sensory experience consisting of 6 digitally printed portraits and 6 interview recordings. In the interviews, the women’s lives are discussed including the role that technology plays in it. Many of the inventions people rely on today were created in a very short span of time – tens of years as opposed to hundreds.  This is highlighted  in the portraits by exaggerating the amount of time that has elapsed between the past and now; the subjects are dressed in clothing from years gone by, but interacting with modern elements.

WOMEN – PAST, FUTURE, PRESENT REDFERN [Facebook Event] from Missy Dempsey [Instagram] runs September 5-15 11am – 6pm at 107 Projects, Redfern [Facebook].


This image: Shahmen Suku as Radha La Bia. Image -courtesy of  the artist
Featured image: Dennis Golding Amongst Us 2017.  Image -courtesy of  the artist

The inaugural queer contemporary arts festival for families, Fambo, will launch during the upcoming school holidays on 29th September. A first of its kind, Fambo offers a unique opportunity for children and families to engage in queer contemporary arts and culture.
A program of workshops, activities and performances led by LGBTIQA+ artists to celebrate the queer experience through connection, creation, participation and play, The Guide reached out to Artistic Director and queer parent, Jenn Blake.

SAG:  Hi Jenn and thanks for talking to our readers.  This is a new initiative.  What lead you down the path to the creation of a queer contemporary arts festival for families?

JENN:   As a queer parent I wanted to create something new that would provide my family and other queer families an opportunity to come together and participate in an event that explores and celebrates our queer culture and community. The number of incredible artists that exist within the queer community is also something quite unique and extraordinary. Continue reading FAMBO: A NEW FESTIVAL FOR SYDNEY’S QUEER COMMUNITY


107 Projects is at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern

DRAWING BLOOD OCCULT LIFE DRAWING celebrates the life and art of the infamous “Witch of Kings Cross”, Rosaleen Norton.

A bohemian, feminist, artist, provocateur and all out witch, this Australian woman is as fascinating as her esoteric art. A long time muse to Drawing Blood, 107 Projects  are thrilled to bring her mystical creatures, demonic entities and erotic worshippers artwork to life.

Starting from 7pm, supernatural models will pose in various mystical formations for your life sketching studies, while our witchdoctor conjures atmospheric tunes to inspire, and a special performance to lift the spirits. Refreshments and potent elixirs available at the bar.

7pm onwards, 13 Dec 2017.  Cost is $20/15 on door.  Bring your own satchel of magic tools – paper, pads, charcoal, pencils, inks, pastels, oil sticks, pens etc.

107 projects  cultivates spaces for emerging creatives to thrive. “Our floors are proudly un-polished, because the truth is, all art has dirty beginnings.  Stepping into 107 is a bit like stepping inside the creative mind. Experiments happen and shit gets weird – but ultimately great work emerges from a rich, creative culture.”

There is always so much happening at this fantastic space.  Exhibitions, music, theatre, discussion and so much more.   You can find out more about 107 by visiting:


More information about DRAWING BLOOD OCCULT LIFE DRAWING  is available at:



Presented by Mike Williams and Timothy Nicastri

One of my first memories is sitting on my dad’s knee in a tiny booth at 2AY, as it was then , learning  to ‘score’ a record.  Running the groove of the black shellac disc under the needle at exactly the right spot for the content to start immediately. What a joy and delight then to see THE REAL THING recording on all this new fangled equipment.  Cables everywhere , mics, iPads, phones, music FX machine etc.  And 3 wonderful stories, music and some admittedly dodgy Magic.  My idea of a good time. Continue reading THE REAL THING LIVE @ 107 PROJECTS




Last night saw 107 Projects and The Actor’s Centre Australia (ACA) launch an exciting innovation in funding for playwrights. The new model can be summed up by a comment by Melissa, a writer with whom I was chatting over canapes at the event. “It’s incredibly rare for a playwriting prize to guarantee a production.” she excitedly explained. THE NEW PLOT PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AWARD does exactly that and not just for the winner but for each the 6 finalists.

The award was launched this evening by award winning, international director Gale Edwards, who is Ambassador to the project and celebrated Australian playwright Stephen Sewell, who will serve on the expert panel which will shortlist the entries.

Speaking passionately at the launch Gale Edwards spoke of the ‘loneliest experience’ of a writer who creates work which travels “from the little wooden stage to the hearts and mind of strangers”. She stressed the need for collaboration and suggested that no play is complete until a director has tried to rewrite at least a third of it! Collaboration is exactly what this award aims to nurture. Continue reading 107 PROJECTS AND ACTOR’S CENTRE AUSTRALIA ANNOUNCE NEW PLAYWRIGHTING AWARD


The Forest Unyielding…
Things you want to remember, things you don’t …

Presented by Self Help Arts and 107 Projects.

Comprising dance, film, vision, word and sound by some of Sydney’s most exciting contemporary artists, The Forest Unyielding is a dynamic new study of mental health, set in a dark forest space representing the inside of a brain. Demonstrating how we create neural pathways in our brains through repetition and the reward system, and the struggle we face when we find we have gone the wrong way …
How will you forge a new path?

Bookings: $30 | Conc $25 | Carers FREE (For Carers ticket please email selfhelparts@gmail.com with you confirmation of booking)

Limit 25 people per show

Preview May 24 7pm
Opening May 25 7pm
Season May 26 – 28, 3pm & 7pm daily

Autism-Friendly Show Thursday 26 3pm

The Forest Space will also be open as an exhibition (not activated by performers) 11am-2.30pm & 4pm-6.30pm daily

May 24 Preview at 7pm May 25 Exhibition 11am – 6.30pm with Opening Performance at 7pm May 26 – 28 Exhibition 11am-2.30pm & 4pm-6.30pm | Performances at 3pm & 7pm

VENUE- 107 Projects, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern.

For more about The Forest Unyielding, visit http://bit.do/ForestUnyielding
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook

Rhymes With Silence @ 107 Projects

RwS - 10 - Whirlpools - 05
Production photos by John Tsioulos

In the literary world, there is a trend toward books of short stories which gel together to create a bigger picture than each tale. Think David Cook’s BATTLE SCARS or IMPROMPTU SCRIBE by Alex Morritt.

Domestic Violence- RHYMES WITH SILENCE has tapped into the zeitgeist and run with it. In this engrossing show, 13 new short plays written by 9 Australian writers and starring 26 actors working with 12 directors cohere for a well realized night at the theatre where the sum is considerably greater than the parts. Continue reading Rhymes With Silence @ 107 Projects

Blanche @ 107 Projects, Redfern

Strehl gives an exceptional performances in her one woman show, BLANCHE
Inset pic- Sabrina Strehl gives an exceptional performances in her one woman show, BLANCHE. Featured pic- A crowd gathers around the great, multi-purpose arts venue, 107 Projects in Redfern

Ihre Arbeit Ich mag is about the only German I know. It means I like your work and I only know it because I once ran a theatre where I met a lot of international artists and often needed to be obsequious. Last night I had the chance to drag out my single phrase again when I chatted to German performer, Sabrina Strehl after her single night engagement of BLANCHE here in Sydney. No grovelling required, instead I fangirled her … I really do love her work.

The BLANCHE of the title is Tennessee Williams’  Blanche. In this solo performance , Strehl takes the essence of Miss White Woods and sends her, Pirandello style, in search of an audience.

Desperate for love and approval, Blanche reaches out and allows the audience to write her while still arriving at the main plot points of A Streetcar Named Desire, finishing by acknowledging the kindness of strangers.

Strehl is there on stage when the audience enters and begins by asking us to assist her in finding her sister Stella’s place. These direct appeals to the audience continue as she prepares for a party of sorts. Dragging things out of her suitcase, she needs help doing up buttons and lighting cigarettes and opening champagne. However, things go downhill for Blanche’s involvement with her audience as her drunken behaviour deteriorates. Continue reading Blanche @ 107 Projects, Redfern


Emily McGowan, Josh Hampson and Thomas Albert in HALFWORLD
Emily McGowan, Josh Hampson and Thomas Albert in HALFWORLD

The Matriark Theatre Company travels well known terrain with its second work, a children’s play called HalfWorld, written by Robert den Englesman and directed by Scott Parker, which is still currently at a workshop stage.

Den Engelsman’s play fits into the quest/fantasy genre. Josh Hampson plays the protagonist Mr Boy who starts on a quest to find his lost twin brother. As per Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero of a Thousand Faces’ template, our young hero has to enter into a special world, in the case of this play it is called the ‘HalfWorld’.

The centerpiece of this HalfWorld is a huge tent/fortress made of blankets, designed by Aleisa Jelbart, which magically envelopes both the players and the whole of the audience. The kids loved the excitement of it, being ‘wrapped’ in this outlandish cocoon.

In this HalfWorld Mr Boy encounters plenty of quirky allies and enemies. Amongst his allies is Oph, played by the playwright himself, the friendly presence of Admiral John, played by the director, and the Moon who watches over him, played by Emily McGowan. Mr Boy’s chief enemy is the irascible Cortman, dressed in one of the most colourful costumes that I have yet seen, who works for a detective agency and is out to grab him before he gets to find his twin.

My only reservation was this fun piece of theatre as it stands is that it needs a stronger third Act/ denouement. As the production currently stands, the time in the magical Special HalfWorld is where the play is the strongest, and the piece is in need of a stronger resolution. I am sure that the Company will work on this aspect as they prepare for the show’s first fully fledged production.

Matriark Theatre Company’s production of HalfWorld played at the 107 Projects Theatre, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern on August 16, 17 and 18.