In Walked Bud by Davide di Giovanni
Arise by Ariella Casu
Creeper by Lauren Langlois
Zero by Josh Mu
Carriageworks is where you’ll currently find the last of the 2019 series “New Breed” from Sydney Dance Company, a program nurturing and showcasing the talents of up and coming choreographers. This year features the works of company dancers Ariella Casu and Davide di Giovanni plus independents Lauren Langlois and Josh Mu. The works were unique and diverse rounding out the year like a teaser for more to come.
Opening with Davide di Giovanni’s piece “In Walked Bud” the lighting was high contrast with stark white spotlights used intermittently from different directions across a black space. Dancers in monotone costumes interplayed or worked solo around a carved up version of the jazz tune written in 1947 by Thelonius Monk of the same name. It was a powerful piece beautifully playing with light and dark.

Following was Ariella Casu’s “Arise”. Initially disturbing in its violent, heartless movement showing robotic conformity and competitiveness of the modern world. Dancers were bereft of individuality and even gender, a most fundamental part of our being. It took only one person to rip off the plastic outer layer and discover what is true underneath. A delicious mixture of soft, undulating unity with unique humans aware once more of their heart and soul.
“Creeper” by Lauren Langlois felt like it could be in a forest or vegetation of some sort with muted greens in costume and lighting. Curious characters traversed and communicated with a mixture of animal movements. They would zap each other to add energy or literally pick out – like monkeys extracting fleas – what was necessary for a body joint to support itself. Like entities inhabiting brand new bodies, this beautifully captured a fresh, naive perspective of self awareness and interaction for the first time.
Finally “Zero” by Josh Mu used a cast of eleven to explore the stages we go through approaching death of the body. Emotions flowed between avoidance, fighting against the current to acceptance and even support of others. There were wonderful patterns of ever evolving humans sometimes progressing, sometimes coming back around full circle. Highly enjoyable.
The program was well received from a full house and expertly performed by dancers at their peak. It once again shows why the Sydney Dance Company has such a high reputation on the international scene of contemporary dance.
Season closes 7 December 2019