Stand-up comic Charisa Bossinakis performing in her new show ‘Pineapple Juice’

Charisa Bossinakis a Melbourne based comedic artist. Her new show called PINEAPPLE JUICE was included in this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival lineup.

Charisa entertains with a cheeky, confident and likeable charm. She represented her cultural stereotypes for laughs which can be risky. Especially in this politically sensitive climate where many may get offended.  However, Charisa managed to present her material in a way that was non- offensive but sharp enough to be edgy.

Charisa brought her good energy to the stage and occasionally incorporated a crowd member into her performance. My partner who was sitting in the front row wearing a black and white pin-striped Fedora hat was amused by her cheeky spontaneity after Charisa suggested that men who wear Fedora hats are known to be sexual predators.  This demonstrated how Charisa is mastering her craft to a sophisticated level and knowing how to read the room.

The act incorporated topics such as; her Greek heritage, performing a standup act at a Bachelor Party, being a Bridesmaid, and distinctions between how the boys and girls in her family are treated differently.

Charisa pits her own Greek customs against what she experienced growing up in Australia. She brought her Greek Grandmother (YiaYia) to life on stage with her impersonations of her YiaYia’s distinctive accent. Her cultural impersonations were authentic as well as hysterical. Although, her YiaYia may have a different take on Charisa’s raw portrayal of her road rage where YiaYia yells forcefully at another driver: “I #$%* on your duck!”.    

Another part of her thoughtful performance was the use of timed voice overs and sound effects, which showed off her skills as an impersonator, taking good natured shots again at her grandmother and her father this time, who may have been the victim of ‘too much information’.

All in all, Charisa put on a terrific show with the crowd behind her right from the get-go. 

Charisa Bossinakis’ PINEAPPLE JUICE played for two nights only on Saturday May 1 and Sunday May 2, 2021 at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville.