This image: Twin Caverns
Banner Image: Deepsea Lights
Production Photography: Jasmine Marshman

SUMMER MIXTAPE, part of the SIDESHOW FESTIVAL at The Newsagency was an eclectic mix of music to listen and dance to.

Opening the night, Gemma the host (DEEPSEA LIGHTS) explained “I’ve included some of my favourite music from Sydney, stuff I’d like to share with you. It’s kind of a way of telling someone you like them or something like that.”

The electronic sounds of PAPERCLIP GALAXY, a computer musician who uses found sounds to create high energy atmospheres, filled the space first.  In a green beam light and blue smoke the expansive looping and morphing filled the space, giving the listeners an ‘other world’ feel.

DEEPSEA LIGHTS, is a duo whose vocals, spoken work and ethereal singing brought a tight set which echoed through the intimate venue.  With poetry about being present, samples and electronica behind, the set also included a superb cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’. The male and female voices blend beautifully especially with the piano looped under and there were some lovely, lonely, melodic guitar riffs for added impact.  The last of the set was a rap, hip hop rage against a media outlet that drew lots of appreciation and agreement from the crowd.

Also invited up during DEEPSEA LIGHTS’ set was WANDERING MINSTREL with her spoken word “Your Skin Breathes Too” where the chimelike music and lofty interlocutions really brought home the emotional content.

Well known trio TWIN CAVERNS (unearthed winner 2015) took to the stage next.  With music about addiction and recovery their set was soulful, slow and sensuous.  With elements of trip hop and stirring guitar work on both bass and electric TWIN CAVERNS mesmerised the audience.  Particularly impressive was their cover of Destiny’s ChildSay My Name’ and the introduction of electronic drum pads further enriched the chill, down tempo vibe. “A reminder that music is healing,” from host Gemma as she thanked the group.

STACKHAT was the last act  and the dance floor soon filled up with people entranced by the  music . There was bass and beat with some dreamlike sections.   Dark and moody spaces and tribal echoes in the music provided an energetic vibe to finish off the night.

Paperclip Galaxy
Production Photography: Jasmine Marshman

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