Songs Of Grace and Redemption

Clayton Moss and Louise Pronk in ‘Songs of Grace and Redemption’

Devil May Care’s production of British playwright John Donnelly’s play ‘Songs of Grace and Redemption’ was a whirlwind ninety minutes of theatre.

Donnelly’s songs take us into the complicated worlds of five young under thirty year old singles, Sarah, Steve, Nicola, John and Peter who spend their lives in and out of Soley’s bar and share their stories.

Director Danielle O’Keefe’s production is sharp, in tune with the play’s episodic style, featuring short, punchy scenes. Heavy rock music ties in the action between scenes. The set is sparse, mainly just a few props, suiting the style of the production,

The highlight was the acting with a good cast, easily slipping in and out of multiple roles. Kathryn Schuback gave a very credible performance playing Sarah, a woman with cerebral palsy but with a very independent, feisty spirit. Sarah had to contend with an over-protective older brother, Steve, well played by Clayton Moss.

The scene of the play for me was when Sarah invites her brother to her new apartment, she has finally broken free, and discusses with him where would be the best spot for her pot plants.

Jacqui Livingstone impressed as with a vibrant performance as Nic, John’s dumped girlfriend, hustling back on the singles scene.

Devil May Care’s production of ‘Songs of Grace and Redemption’ opened at the Tap Gallery theatre, 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst on Wednesday 3rd November and runs till Saturday 20th November, 2010.