Somewhere in Jaffa @ The Soho Gallery

Nathan Miller
Photographer Nathan Miller whose love affair with the Israeli town of Jaffa is the subject of the Soho Gallery’s first ever photographic exhibition.

SOHO Galleries is holding its first ever photography exhibition after 20 years in operation. SOMEWHERE IN JAFFA by Australian photographer Nathan ‘Natti’ Miller is part of this year’s Sydney’s Head On Photo Festival. It is an attention-grabbing collection of black and white photographs showing the Israeli district’s vivid cultural identity.

Jaffa is part of Tel Aviv, one of the oldest cities in the world. It has a diverse population of Jews, Christians and Muslims and is a hub of culture, entertainment, food and tourism. With this exhibition Miller aims to capture the ambiance and the diversity of Jaffa, in its ethnicity, traditional and contemporary aspects.

In the photographer’s own words, “There are few places in the world where you see a person in a café, ask permission to photograph them, engage in a conversation with them and then end up being invited for a meal at their home. Jaffa is one of those places where this happened more than once.”

Nigel Messenger, Director of SOHO Galleries was thrilled with having Nathan Miller and this first photo exhibition at the Gallery. “Somewhere in Jaffa perfectly captures unique moments and the relationships between people and places”.

It is notable that the photographs are all untitled. This recognises that each photo contains a multiplicity of perspectives. People are co-located but apart, diverse in their backgrounds and current experience. One photograph can depict smiles, concern, discomfort, cheekiness, fatigue and more.

People, streets and buildings contribute to the experience. Their place and movement suggests history yet transience.

This photographic exhibition shows that black and white can be warm and colourful. There are many varied smiles and hinted colour of garments and marketplaces. The photos may be of the commonplace but are never banal, and the viewer leaves enriched.

As well as the opportunity to view and purchase individual photographs in the exhibition, there are also two books of Millers’ photography available for purchase- Somewhere in Jaffa and Notes from the Mississippi Delta.

SOMEWHERE IN JAFFA is exhibiting at the Soho Galleries, 104 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo until 5th June 2015.

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