SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 TOP 80 WEEK 6 @ Depot Theatre

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This is week six of the biggest little play festival in the world. 2016 is the fifteenth year of SHORT+SWEET THEATRE SYDNEY, running Wednesdays to Sundays, from 6 January 2016 to 13 March 2016. Expect to see up to 160 ten minute plays across the eight weeks, with the best of the best returning in March at the Gala Final, all with on-site free car parking.

A very entertaining selection this week, all are strangely compelling, but nevertheless this week has nine superb entertaining performances.

(1) TWISTED – On the farm, the year 1939 experiencing a real life Wizard Of Oz, and Toto too. Three lazy farm hands, find a girl knocked unconscious by a recent tornado, who speaks exactly like Judy Garland and dances whilst singing “The Jitterbug” from the movie. Delighful audience pleaser. ITC: One Carriage Productions, Writers: Luke Reeves and Glenn Wanstall, Director: Luke Reeves, Cast: Debbie Neilson (Dorothy), Glenn Wanstall (Hunk), Jon Rhys Goodsell (Zeke), Luke Reeves (Hickory), Elizabeth Donahoe Lawrencev (Miss G – the witch)

(2) 18C AND ME – The Bigot’s Lament – George Brandis (James Adcock) performs an incredible standup comedy routine about failing to convince Tony Abbott to reform 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Whilst pre-prepared to be offended, the constant laugh-inducing monologue, picked on each and every offensive racial prejudice by using deliberate stereotyping. Why mis-pronounce the french word “merde” as “murred”?        ITC: Actors Anonymous Inc, Writer: Jane Cafarella, Director: James Adcock

(3) TWIST & SHOUT – Musical drama rom-com about a dinner date with romantic singing that ends with an unexpected twist. ITC: Crash Test Drama Bundanoon Winner, Writer + Director: Deborah Burdett, Cast: Valerie Warry (Margaret McCartney), David O’Halloran (Archer Christianson), Michelle Shepherdson (Doctor Kildare)

(4) BLIND DATE – Comedy bliss with four actors on stage, vividly creating a unique Blind Date experience. ITC: Musketeer Productions, Writer + Director: Paulene Turner, Cast: Paul Byrne (Fraser – inner voice), Liz Hovey (McKenzie – inner voice), Nicholas Drummond (Fraser), Rebecca Towns (McKenzie)

(5) POP PORN – Rude, very crude, and strictly Adults Only comedy set in a quite quiet hotel lobby. Mr Barton has trouble getting his adult pay television channel to work, and needs to purchase the Special Code that includes many extras. Writer + Director: Wayne Mitchell, Cast: Dudley Levell (Mr Barton), Glenn Wanstall (Receptionist), Emma Dalton (Miss Hope)

(6) GRAN SCAMS – Is Gran getting scammed, the delicious twist at the end explains all. Writer: Cary Pepper, Director: Larry Kelly, Cast: Edith Hueck (Gran), Mark Dedaj (Michael)

(7) SPECIAL PLACES – Girlfriend and boyfriend take the dangerous climb to the top of a water tower to create a new Special Place. What could possibly go wrong? Writer: Alex Giles, Director: Mark Fowler, Cast: Amelia Morris (Rachel), Matthew Popp (Kit), Jean-Pierre Yerma (Terry), Sharlene Zeederberg (Regina)

(8) CLOSR – Two best friends are in a bar, both looking for ‘the one’. Huge crowd pleasing comedy because they decide instead to use the app TINDER. Mayhem results, with a surprising ending. ITC: Crash Test Drama Cronulla Winner,Writer + Director: Kurt Nakkan, Cast: Dylan Yates (Sam), Javen Briggs (Beau), Scarlett Koehne (Veronica/Wendy/Alice)

(9) GAME NIGHT – Lies, trickery, rage and name-calling, continue to drive a wedge between the family members, all caused by playing Parker Bros. MONOPOLY with winner takes all. Writer: Kim McCreanor, Director: Daniel Cohn, Cast: Mark Fowler (Dad), Liz Hovey (Mum), Jessica Murphey (Alice), Marigold Pazar (Rochelle), Russell Kay (Adrian)

SHORT AND SWEET THEATRE 2016 Top80 week SIX, runs from Wednesday 10 February 2016 to Sunday 14 February 2016.

The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville

with on-site free car parking.

Production photography by Sylvi Soe, and displayed in performance order.