‘Shepherd’. Pic by Matt Predny

SHEPHERD is an absurdist play written and directed by Liam Maguire. The cast of 6 very talented actors (Grace Victoria, Rose Riley, Jacob Warner, Mark Paguio, Cece Peters, Adam Sollis) each play their role in a brilliant and thoroughly believable way. 

This dark satire looks at the age old concern of trying to find yourself when you have so many insecurities and are unsure of yourself,  or your place in this crazy world.Grace Victoria as Anna is the linchpin ‘shepherd’ the other characters all gravitate towards, as they are unable to control their own lives. However, she too has little idea what the ‘happiness’ really is that they seek, and what it really looks like. Anna is manipulative and quite vindictive as she plays to their self obsession, anxieties and uncertainties.The characters all have different hang ups which they are trying to come to grips with, and each actor plays his/her part with a strong performance and credibility. 

SHEPHERD really is theatre of the absurd and will appeal to a ‘flock’ of followers whose fears are exposed because of the times they are living in.

SHEPHERD is playing downstairs at Belvoir Street Theatre as part of its 25a program and runs until Saturday 7th March, 2020.