Sam Atwell’s new production SET

SET at the NIDA Studios last night was a valiant attempt at light frothy comedy wrapped in the guise of a Pierrot style Who Dunnit/ Murder Mystery. The show seems to meander amongst a few other styles as well including farce, Theatre sports, even Pub Theatre!

Co-writer and Director Sam Atwell is, ‘hoping to give the audience a little insight into the fast paced and often hilarious world of television’. It was sometimes fast paced – well the delivery was anyway, but never really hilarious. I was left with the impression that some of the actors were too accustomed to the constraints of time and budget that typically apply in TV production. (I have seen actors deliberately fluffing lines to force a second take!).

The second act improved upon the first as the detective (Christian Willis) ’Dicked’ around, Stumbling between clues and assumptions, but with a welcome tilt at characterisation.

The other standouts were Chip played to the nth degree by Wayne Bradley, the Junior Constable, who has the funniest line in the show, played by Alison McGirr and the Publicist, Kirra Starr, played by Lauren Clair.

It was fun; the audience had a good time. What more can you ask?!

SET, presented by Dreamhouse Artists in association with NIDA Independent, opened at the NIDA Parade Theatre, 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington on Wednesday May 1 and runs until Saturday May 18, 2013.

© Allan Chapple

2nd May, 2013

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