Scampia’s Gold

Scampia's GoldSCAMPIA’S GOLD may sound like a seafood spaghetti western but it’s an inspiring tale of a committed man trying to deter the errors of the past being visited on the youth of the present.

Like a gritty Neapolitan Karate Kid, SCAMPIA’S GOLD focuses on the discipline of a martial art to infuse discipline and respect in a neighbourhood bullied by Camorra gangs.

Hospital worker Enzo is a Judo sensei in the suburb of Scampia. Born and bred in the area, he is determined through his youth work to release his neighbourhood from the yoke of the criminals who rule the roost.

One of his students is his eldest son, Toni, who can’t quite understand why his father does not just up stumps and clear out of the basket case community.

Toni has a natural aptitude to the sport and is a contender to make the Italian Olympic Team, a dream in complete contrast with the nightmare of the Napoli neighbourhood where drug abuse and child prostitution are de rigueur.

A picture in praise of persistence and diligence, SCAMPIA’S GOLD is an uplifting homage to hope, featuring a charismatic performance by Giuseppe Fiorello as the fearless Enzo, who fosters a mojo in his dojo for the feckless youth of his community.

Directed by Marco Pontecorvo, best known as cinematographer on Fading Gigolo, Game of Thrones and Letters to Juliette, SCAMPIA’S GOLD is a crowd pleasing winner.

The film is screening as part of this year’s Lavazza Italian Film Festival.