It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that Sydney is going to be in lockdown for quite a while. Covid 19, with its new Delta variant, is again out of control.

The question has to be asked, what does a blog like Sydney Arts Guide (SAG) do as the arts scene in Sydney endures another shutdown? Does SAG, too, go into hibernation?

I know enough about blogging that this approach just wouldn’t cut it! Bloggers keep on blogging in adversity.

There is an alternative, and it is the approach that SAG is going to take. The blog is going to turn its focus to the wondrous world of books and writing, both journalistic and creative.

Expect a wealth of book reviews. Books past and present. All the details will be provided so that it will be easy for you to purchase a copy of the book if you want to follow up.

The blog is also going to feature a lot of new writing. The SAG team will keep you busy reading posts across the creative writing and journalism spectrum; opinion pieces, interviews, essays, poetry, oh how we need the nakedness and beauty of poetry at the moment, pieces on music including popular and classical music, and much more…

The SAG team hope that you will continue to read us in these  troubled times. With our contributions, we hope to keep you engaged, stirred up, and even, at times, moved.

Keep warm and safe.