It’s not normally the purview of this august journal to cover sporting events, but there is something of cultural interest in relation to the tribalism of supporters of their favoured club.

It comes into high contrast when your team  wins the National Rugby League grand final as was the case with the Sydney Roosters who’d  won consecutive premierships, a feat not achieved since 1993 when the Brisbane Broncos dominated two competitions.

What was satisfying for ‘the chookie’ supporters was that it was one of the foundation clubs at the beginning of the establishment of the National Rugby League.

Bronte Road in front of the club’s headquarters was packed with jubilant supporters who went into a frenzy when the victorious team members appeared on the club’s balcony at 1.20am.

The Club’s Chairman Nick Politis wandered into the crowd and was swarmed by the  congratulatory crowd.

By 2am it was as if nothing had happened.

All pics by Ben Apfelbaum