Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (2019)

“What if Snow White was no longer beautiful, and the dwarfs no longer short.” Twisted parody adventure occurs on Fairy Tale Island, creatively delivers an entertaining new classic Fairy Tale, clever enough for children with the major characters in peril, and also enough interesting dialogue for their parents. Using traditional but immoral and unethical witchcraft, seven handsome princes, have been turned into seven adorable green Dwarfs. These Dwarfs are no longer handsome princes, and they all choose to not accept that they no longer meet the required fairy-tales beauty standard.

Princess Snow White’s evil stepmother Regina, is The Fairy-Princess and The Witch who shows her flaws in judgment by being extremely image focused. The witch does not love how she looks naturally, since she must achieve an always youthful appearance, by wearing the enchanted red shoes.

We meet the female protagonist Snow White aka Red Shoes, who inhabits two body shapes, alternately thin / not thin, however your natural beauty is within. Of course physical attractiveness is discussed together with the unique “body-positive” message. Her internal beauty remains exactly the same, when she has an hourglass figure whilst wearing the red shoes. Otherwise when shoeless she is the adorable Princess Snow White, she has a rectangular figure, i.e. a plus-sized woman.

The seven dwarfs versus the villainous Prince Average, deliver amazing funny moments, that all the children in the audience particularly enjoyed. Unexpectedly Princess Snow White eats an enchanted apple, and changes into a tree.

A guilty G-rated animated pleasure, and you too, will become fully invested in the many characters, as all of their never crude and never vulgar stories, gradually unfold. There is a profound and believable friendship, between Red Shoes and Merlin.

Starring the voice talents of Chloë Grace Moretz, Sam Claflin, Gina Gershon, Jim Rash, Patrick Warburton.
Original story written by WoongSub Ahn.
Running Time 92 minutes.
Australian Cinemas on their screens from Thursday 2nd July 2020.

Highly Recommended and rated G and suitable for all children and their parents. SPOILERS AHEAD – Watched this new release movie at a HOYTS Cinema in Sydney. HOYTS Cinemas have a very strange publicity/marketing paradigm. Unfortunately HOYTS Cinemas want all Australian Film Critics to never ever watch new release movies at HOYTS Cinemas. HOYTS Cinemas make it extremely unlikely that Australian Film Critics, would ever watch any movies at HOYTS Cinemas. Apparently HOYTS Cinemas do not want movie reviews to be written by Australian Film Critics, and do not want the extra customers that are always generated by good reviews of good movies.