There was almost as much action prior to the opening of Kurios outside the Big Top as there was on the inside. A quartet of aerialists danced across the outside of the grand chapiteaux including one wielding a double bass.

The first night attendees walked the red carpet amidst gushes of steam and a line of steam-punked  costumed poseurs. A group of TAFE students took the trouble to create dresses of the era, some reminiscent of  a Toulouse Lautrec painting. Many of the guests themselves were dressed in Victorian and Edwardian outfits and accompanying accessories. to add a bit of spice to the evening a bevy of drag queens  were on hand, perhaps to remind us  of the Weimar Republic in early 20th century German history.

Some of the costumed performers posed with the invited celebrities adding further splashed of colour to the evening. As a result  the audience was well and truly primed for an enthralling night’s entertainment.

Featured image Lisa Wilkinson. All pics by Ben Apfelbaum.