These exhibitions  at Carriageworks were launched during the Sydney Festival but have been extended beyond the January Festival period.

The first is Rebecca Baumann’s ‘Radiant Flux’. She has placed  different coloured cellophane like materials, a dichroic film, over every window and skylight in Carriageworks first hall. This is a vibrant material that shifts colour when viewed from different angles. Every glossy and reflective surface is ‘painted’ with the refracted colours which change during the time of day  and different external weather conditions. This immersive experience will be on display until the 14th June, 2020.

Kate Mitchell has photographed one representative for each of the 1,023 recognised occupations in the Australian and New Zealand STANDARD CLASSIFICATION OF OCCUPATIONS, from anaesthetist to zoologist.

In a grid like pattern, Mitchell’s work covers three walls of Carriageworks second large hall. Many of the occupations are named in a square with a corresponding ghost like person with a specific aura pertaining to the named occupation in a mosaic comprising of a myriad of different photos. Mitchell is attempting to capture a snapshot of contemporary  Australia with a  spirituality that has all but disappeared in our secular society by way of the depicted auras. ALL AURAS TOUCH reminds us that we are all energetic yet individual beings and if we are sufficiently sensitised we may be able to see the auras around people without needing to go to the North or South Pole to see such a phenomenon. This exhibition has been extended to a shorter period, until the 1st of March.

All pics by Ben Apfelbaum