City Theatre is illustrative of the enterprising entrepreneurial bent of our artists in the face of a pandemic.

The company instigated Project Interlude, a challenge to write, compose, rehearse, stage and perform a mini musical in just one week.

Like a Tropfest totem, the team decided on the word kaleidoscope as their springboard, started work on Saturday morning and presented the finished show the following Saturday night at the Flightpath Theatre, Marrickville.

A cast of four, two men and two women, witness a life changing event, and through song and monologue, we discover each character’s backstory, their hopes and hates, aspirations and aggravations.

Book by Sarah Campbell, with lyrics by Emma Young and compositions by Young and Renae Goodman, this Project Interlude is shoe string theatre pulled up by its bootstraps, a simple story that urges us to not sweat the big stuff and appreciate the little things.

Brooklyn Newey, Skye Beker, Aarin Starkey and Andrew Jackson present an identifiable quartet of characters, with their kaleidoscope quirks, disparate backgrounds, whose lives collide in one monumental moment.

A brisk thirty minute running time allows each of the performers their vocal moment in the spotlight and director, Jo Elizabeth Finnis, keeps a breezy clockwork momentum.

Ideally, this piece should be seen live, in a theatre, with living, breathing heaving actors feeding audience and vice versa, but f you missed the show, (or would like to watch it again) The free on-demand release is available at