Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) makes her London West End debut in the UK premiere of Australian Playwright, Suzie Miller’s AWGIE 2020 award-winning play PRIMA FACIE. The events occurring in this play are fictional, but are based on real events, and concern consent and sexual assault, when examined in front of a judge and a jury of twelve. An essential and necessary, full and complete cross-examination of the severe problems with our Legal System, where justice becomes injustice, with legal truth versus actual truth.

Only consent is consent, and consent can be withdrawn at any time. When you repeatedly say NO, the Legal System clearly understands that you repeatedly said YES.

Tessa has worked her way up from working class origins to be at the top of her game, and is a young and brilliant barrister, equally when defending or cross examining it all, as the rules of the game are only about winning despite the Police Evidence. An unexpected event makes her become the victim of sexual assault, and watch exactly where the patriarchal power of the law, the burden of proof, the balance of probabilities, and morals diverge.

The play has 17,000 words on 64 pages. High speed storytelling at 200 words spoken per minute, i.e. the play has 12,000 words spoken per hour.

Streamed direct to our cinemas, Captured Live from the intimate Harold Pinter Theatre in London’s West End. This role is a gift for an actor, the backstory and the characters are multi-layered. An amazing one woman monologue, with the story told in multiple voices. The cast, the direction, the blocking, the music, the set design, everything works perfectly together.

Justin Martin directs this solo tour de force.

PRIMA FACIE has limited screenings in selected Australian Cinemas from Saturday 23rd July 2022. Highly Recommended.

TRIGGER WARNING – Whilst trying to not to provide any “spoilers”, we recognize that this play can cause distress or trigger challenging emotions for some audience members. Performance Warning – EXPECT sensitive subject matter including reference to consent, sexual assault, sex, violence, blaming the victim, and rape, that may distress or may trigger challenging emotions. Recommended ages 16+

STARRING – Jodie Comer as Tessa

Justin Martin – Director
Miriam Buether – Designer
Natasha Chivers – Lighting Designer
Max and Ben Ringham – Sound Designers
Rebecca Lucy Taylor – Composer
Willie Williams for Treatment Studio – Video
Photography by Helen Murray






Images – Empire Street Productions, Helen Murray.

PLAY DURATION 120 minutes – Total running time of 131 minutes including all the pre-show extras.

AUSTRALIAN CLASSIFICATION RATING is CTC but probably E – Exempt from classification.


DISCLOSURE – Sharmill Films kindly provided our two Sydney Arts Guide reviewers, with complimentary tickets.



This play has PLOT HOLES when you compare real life Police Procedure to this fictional version, with NO MENTION of the many expected Police procedural items.