WAAPA grad Vinnie Hooper stars. Pic Bob Seary

A chaotically funny play, both vigorous and spirited, describes David Earle’s POSTNUPTIALS. The Californian born playwright has written a zany comedy of errors- of people in the wrong place at the same time. Showing as part of the 2013 Mardi Gras Festival, it also has more serious underlying themes about gay marriage and homophobia.

Newlyweds Lillian and Kevin, (Michelle Durman and Henry Elsteen), arrive home on their wedding night, only to be invaded by drag queen Joey (Vincent Hooper), who declares, with great frivolity, that Kevin is his same sex husband from their wedding in Las Vegas one year earlier. Kevin is in denial and Lillian is devastated. Joey has no intention of leaving. The rollercoaster of destruction takes off from here.

The cast are all talented and handle this type of comedy easily;

Actor and singer, Vincent Hooper, is superb as Joey, brimming with energy and style and wonderful timing. He brings the cabaret element to the show, which defines the style of the acting, with some actors playing the audience more than others. Director Michael Harris has made this work to his advantage, as this kind of play is not a serious drama.

Elsteen plays the protagonist, the victim who is worn down by the unfolding of events around him, finding it easier to detach himself. Durman plays the vibrant, feisty and headstrong Lillian, traumatised throughout the play.

Both sets of parents are eccentric and boldly funny; Mother of the bride, Irene (Tricia Youlden) takes control of her daughter’s post wedding disaster with amazing rigour, whilst her husband Frank (Anthony Hunt), booms over the proceedings with his ‘big bear’ temper.

Mother of the displaced bridegroom Gloria (Elaine Hudson), is fabulous and funny, whilst her ruddy-faced, frustrated husband, Alfred (Robert McGregor) is struggling to come to terms with his homophobia. Tallay Wickham plays the beautiful, gentle sister, Marliene, with grace and innocence and Sam O’Sullivan is sweet as the nerdy ex fiancé Mark.

Michael Harrs has created a bright, modern set with all the appropriate ‘comedy of errors’ doors for the many dramatic entrances and exits.

Catch this play while you can and be prepared for an exhilarating night of theatre.

POSTNUPTIALS plays at the Parade Theatre, NIDA, until the 1st of March.

© Bronwyn Fullerton

16th February, 2013

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