Pop Pop @ The Giant Dwarf Theatre

What a spectacle. Brilliant exciting stellar extravaganza, controlled and highly structured contexts for all the special effects and cast of thousands. POP POP was the sound of all those champagne corks opening the show as Penny Greenhalgh was carried in for her first entrance by a bevy of naked muscle men who obviously adored her.

Very expensive and extensive low mist creeps silently to fill the vast stage of Giant Dwarf in Cleveland Street as thousands of snowy white doves are launched to fly high over the arena. The sophisticated audio and lighting setup whirled and exploded with sound and colour as the goddess of comedy bid us all hello.

In her designer swan outfit and haute couture swan hat, with the DANCE OF THE CYGNETS played by a complete orchestra in the pit, the confident exuberant star pours her love over the crowd. “All going to plan so far! … Are you married?” Expressions of undying adoration and pleas of ‘Marry Me’ from all the men in the huge crowd.

The audience is led in a perfect chorus of ohs and ahs as the multifaceted performer conducts the massive crowd singing with one voice. Later she will conduct the orchestra of horns and exotic flute like instruments in a “fucking perfect” interpretation of THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Her own arrangement of course.

As she slides elegantly off stage to one of her many costume changes, the helicopter arrives to lay out the full size ice skating ring. When she returns there are once again screams of delight as her fiery red and luscious crème ice-skating suit is revealed. Givenchy, Cardin? And who is this gorgeous, handsome, chiselled partner who is almost a match for her elegant technique and patented moves?

And her acting. Her gift for becoming new people is revealed though the one act play written by her own hand. Sad, sexy, and deep beyond meaningful. The woodland which is designed to sneakily grow around her and her lover … with real woodland creatures and owls. Sound effects of such stunning clarity that we are transported right into her vision.

In safe hands, crowd surfing over her loyal and awe struck fans, she is light as a feather and weightless and light as angel wings. Were those that touched her healed? Rumour has it.

Oh and the finale ….

The use of the hand engineered stage revolve, the pyrotechnics. An arena spectacular never to be bettered.

Maybe, just maybe… it didn’t all happen like that but that is how this innocent Artist abroad saw her show. And I for one am not going to burst her bubble. For the moment, it might be talcum powder mist and paper plane doves and Mintie bribes for any boy game enough to admit to not being married. But one day…

Penny Greenhalgh’s debut solo show POP POP played at Giant Dwarf for one night only on the 5th June and is shipping off to the Edinburgh Festival in August. It’s going to be a bastard getting that ice rink through UK customs.

For more about Pop Pop, visit https://www.facebook.com/penny.greenhalgh.pop.pop