Theatre makers have a proclivity for navel gazing. Rick Abbott’s play PLAY ON falls into this territory. We see inside an amateur theatre company putting on new murder mystery show with the title ‘Murder Most Foul’ from early rehearsals to an inauspicious opening night.

It’s a fun night in the theatre. It’s a case of the play that goes wrong. We have the playwright interfering with rehearsals with inappropriate demands, changing and adding lines at whim. We have the director having her nineteenth nervous breakdown as does the stage manager. We have actors forgetting their lines and coming in at the wrong  times. It’s the whole comic disaster.

The cast all revel in the fun, deftly directed by Margaret Olive. The players were Anthea Brown, Blake Eaton, Francis Etheridge, Prudence Foxe, Georgia Golledge, Carol Keeble, Lois Marsh, Mark Massingham, Susan Mozell and Michael Richmond.

Recommended, Rick Abbot’s PLAY ON is playing Hunter Hills Town Hall, 22 Alexandria Street, Hunters Hill until Sunday 16th June, 2019.

Featured image – Carol Keeble and Frances Etheridge in Rick Abbott’s comedy ‘Play On’ at Hunters Hill Theatre. All pics by Dan Ferris