PIL’S ADVENTURES – Played for laughs and with a brilliant narrative, this Family Adventure film computer animation, has top quality French storytelling with a young female protagonist. Gleeful action scenes and the expected thrilling tropes are boldly explored. PG RATED and includes infrequent slapstick violence, plus scenes of possible peril are deliberately kept brief. Magic plus Fantasy, suitable for young children.  

Young girl PIL is an orphan living in the medieval city of Foggyburgh. Lord Tristain is the ruthless and cruel Foggyburgh Regent, who magically transforms Prince Roland who is the rightful heir to the Foggyburgh throne, into a “chickat” an animal that has a chicken head with a cat body. As a disguise to escape detection, PIL dresses as a princess, and by her lies of omission, she allows the guard Graubart to believe that PIL is a real princess.

PIL and her three weasel friends, plus aided by friends Jiggler and Graubart, they all undertake a journey of belonging, kindness, discovery, teamwork, courage, and empathy. Firstly going to get the cure from the sorceress, who lives deep inside the Cursed Forest. Then secondly, they all travel to the Unicorn Lair, to find an ingredient for the cure to restore Prince Roland back into a human being. Meanwhile Lord Tristain has hired a huge gang of ruthless bandits, to help him hold onto the stolen throne, the throne that rightfully belongs to Prince Roland.

Inspired and quite compelling story, a clever fairytale that also contains many positive life lessons, that include empathy with acceptance, questioning power, learning from mistakes, maintaining empathy with acceptance.

Written and directed by Julien Fournet.

Icon Film Distribution. Running Time 89 minutes.

In Australian Cinemas from Thursday 2nd June 2022.

AWARDS – OFFICIAL SELECTION – Lumières 2022 Best Animated Film.

Australian Classification rated PG (with mild themes, animated violence and crude humour).