Phoenix Collective Concert #2 : The Baroque Bizarre

Phoenix Collective presents Concert #2: The Baroque Bizarre. Performed by Phoenix Baroque Trio, this concert will highlight the quirky, intoxicating and virtuosic nature of the Baroque: great works by master composers Bach and Vivaldi, and just as impressive works by lesser-known composers Castello, Biber and Schmelzer. This is an eclectic program exploring the realms of tone colour, experimentation and virtuosity. Also featured in this concert is the newly acquired and restored ‘c1750 Tyrolean violin’ set up scordatura with gut and crossed strings for Biber’s ‘The Resurrection Sonata’ and used in the first half of the concert. Setting up a fascinating comparison to the second half, which will be played on a 2009 violin from Cremona, Italy.

Program: The Baroque Bizarre

D. Castello – Sonata Prima à sopran solo for Violin & Continuo
H.I.F Biber – Sonata Rosary (Mystery) Sonata No.11 – The Resurrection *Original Manuscript & 1907/1937 Edition
J.H Schmelzer – Sonata Quarta (No.4) in D Major from Sonatae Unarum Fidium for Violin & Continuo


Vivaldi – Sonata for Violin, Cello & Continuo in C minor RV 83
J.S Bach – Sonata for Violin & Harpsichord in A BWV 1015
Vitali – Chaconne for Violin & Continuo (violin part arr. Charliér) Harpsichord & Cello part arr. Phoenix Collective

The Phoenix Baroque Trio:
Dan Russell (Artistic Director & Violin)
Christian Lillicrap (Harpsichord)
Christopher Bennett (Cello)* Guest Artist

‘There’s nothing quite like the sound of the harpsichord, and Baroque music in general. What a time! Such experimentation and freedom and the formation of the harmonic language we know today. I’m very excited to bring this exceptional program to the concert stage.’
Dan Russell, AD & Violinist, Phoenix Collective

…Russell achieves an exquisite translucence in his violin’s upper register…
John Shand, Limelight Magazine

12th May 2.30pm at the Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Church, corner Johnston and Collins Street, Annandale.

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