A monologue from OUT OF PLACE

ATYP have developed a wonderful forum to showcase and nurture the talents of Australia’s best young playwrights.

‘The Voices Project’ was successfully launched in February 2011. This year’s theme is “Out Of Place”, exploring what happens when people are placed just outside their comfort zone.

These ten monologues (around seven minutes each) are raw and honest, surprising, funny and sad. Director Paige Rattray has inspired some wonderful performances and blended them cleverly so the audience don’t feel the need to applaud in between.

Set designer Lauren O’Flaherty has created a great set design, a sand-filled construction site, and as Ms Rattray says, “a place that is in a temporary limbo like most of our characters”.

The writers and actors are mostly under the age of twenty, bringing young and fresh points of view, untainted by the barriers of age. Their training backgrounds are diverse;
NIDA’s young actors studio, Atlanta Acting School in New York, Sydney Theatre School, Actors Assembly, Screenwise and ATYP.

All of the plays are fresh and imaginative, particularly;
“Sunrise Set” by Kristal Sweedman and performed with great humour and pathos by Charlotte Tilelli to her dying grandmother.

“This Feral Life”, by Julia Rose Lewis. Lucy Coleman is wonderful as the girl in the graveyard who is fascinated by the dead.

“The Mangroves”, by Tom Mesker. Claudia Osborne plays a displaced schoolgirl suffering her new life after her mother’s divorce. She draws the audience into her world with great skill.

“Red Panda”, by Amanda Yeo is a story about a schoolgirl who is surprised to find her grandfather’s belongings in a museum and feels like she has lost her heritage. Angela Tran brings sadness and isolation to her character.

“These Things Happen”, by Joel Perlgut, is about a young man struggling for acceptance and recognition in his chosen career as a clown. Actor Patrick Richards touches the audience with this character, full of doubt and humour.

Studio 1 at The Wharf, under the Sydney Theatre Company is a great little theatre for ATYP and its emerging talent. It is certainly worth supporting.

“Out Of Place” runs until the 16th of February at 7pm.
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