Open Water

I went to see ‘Open Water’ , expecting to see a new variation on the Jaws theme
and was pleasantly surprised. This was quite a different, and more reflective experience. The
film was loosely based on the experiences of a yound couple scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef years ago who were never found.

A young overworked couple, Susan and Daniel, go on a much looked forward holiday in the Bahamas. The holiday is going well, they are finally chilling out a little, when they choose to go a scuba diving expedition. Disaster ensues when whilst the couple are exploring the beauty of underwater life their boat leaves back to the shore, believing that all the divers have been accounted for.

Yes, this is a creepy kind of film. There’s one main question that it asks. What would it be like to be part of a couple stranded out in the middle of the ocean, trying to survive?!
There are plenty of stages that Susan and Daniel go through during their experience. Please forgive the cliche but it really is the case of going through the whole gamut of emotions.
What were some of the more memorable scenes/moments ?! Daniel screaming his lungs out, venting his spleen about how they have been left stranded.
One of the ploys that the couple uses to keep their head above water is to talk about old movies.
As the hours clock by and there is no rescue in sight, the couples stress levels rise dramatically. In a scene mixed with both high comedy and drama the couple blame each other for the mess that they have got themselves into and nit pick about each others faults.

Yes, the movie does provide one with a real sense of what that kind of experience would be like.
For audiences the main hook is ofcourse the creepiness value. Will the sharks have their day?! With an appropriately creepy soundtrack cued for the dramatic moments, there were plenty of women curling their bodies up in their seats and putting their hands in front of their faces!
‘Open Water’ was made on a low budget, and features strong direction and good performances from its two leads.
Summing up ‘Open Water’ is well worth checking out.