James Corden plays Britain's Got Talent star Paul Potts in the new movie ONE CHANCE
James Corden plays Britain’s Got Talent star Paul Potts in the new movie ONE CHANCE

Like CARRIE, Paul Potts was bullied. Paul was picked on because he was portly and because he was more interested in opera than football and in being a singer rather than a steelworker. Paul prevailed and won a spot in a Venetian opera school. There, he choked in front of Pavarotti. Self confidence plummeted, career prospects stifled, fledgling romance stymied. But with a song in his heart he re-woos his girl, and with her support he auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, and the rest is history.

ONE CHANCE (PG) is his story and follows in the filmic footsteps of BILLY ELLIOTT, BRASSED OFF, and THE FULL MONTY. James Corden is a delight as the Port Talbot baritone with the scrumptious Alexandra Roach as his supportive spouse.  Where would the lad be without a supportive mum and Julie Walters is just the biscuit, as is Colm Meaney as his less supportive dad. The domestic conflict is bliss in comedic terms.

Mackenzie Crook and Jemima Rooper give kooky characterisations as long term home town supporters.

Simon Cowell is one of the producers and David Frankel (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) directs. Justin Zackham’s script is peppered with zinger one liners.

A feel good movie about the power of song to promote resilience and affect lives in positive ways. Hope springs eternal and it ain’t over till the fat boy sings.