Out Of Fear

Kayla Stanton as abused wife Lara in Dominic Witcop's OUT OF FEAR
Kayla Stanton as abused wife Lara in Dominic Witcop’s OUT OF FEAR

OUT OF FEAR is the first full length play by Dominic Witcop and explores the motivations and circumstances leading to violent and tragic acts of vengeance.

The play throws love, divorce and isolation into the spotlight as what seemingly could have been a simple divorce and separation has violent ends. It is a psychological exposition of a man trapped by his own guilt and delusion.

Travis, played with incredible energy and emotion by Chris Miller, is unable to escape dark deeds in his childhood and is caught up in his own violent and tragic actions against his wife and children.

Matt Thomson as ‘the man” provides a highly effective contrast as the cool, controlled foil for Travis’s rampant thoughts.

Kayla Stanton is the sometimes gentle, yet determined Lara, Travis’ wife, a woman who enjoyed her life as a mother but is also very aware of the limitations of her husband.

The play takes place in a rundown house somewhere in the outback depicted by a collage of photos, some old furniture and a cardboard car which also at one point seems to contain a body.

Much of the play in fact, has the audience conjecturing on the reality of what is actually happening on stage. The story unfolds, the characters interact and we begin, but never fully, get to understand the actions of Travis.

Travis, like the audience is searching to come to terms and understand what he has done. Much of this is expressed in conversations with “the man” and with Lara, but time and location blur,- a concrete reality is not the point of the play.

Garreth Cruikshank’s strong direction ensures the play moves along with increasing momentum with the second half pulling together the threads of the first half to a shattering end point.

Night Sky Theatre Company’s production of Dominic Witcop’s debut play OUT OF FEAR plays as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival upstairs at the Tap Gallery, 278 Palmer St Darlinghurst until Sunday September 14.