IT BOY, a film turning on the older woman/younger man scenario, is a fizzy, frothy confection starring the gorgeous Virginie Afira as Alice, a nearly 40 career woman, divorced single mum.

She’s been in cold blooded training to break the glass ceiling at her magazine when a brazen hussy encroaches on her domain whilst on assignment in Brazil.

Furious, she flies back to Paris, seated next to an upgraded student, Balthazar Apfel, half her age. Turbulence causes it to a be a fright flight and in the turmoil she leaves her USB behind, the device discovered by Balthazar.

Apfel the affable endeavours to return the device but to no immediate avail and when Alice finally contacts him for retrieval he’s at a bar with his uni mates and negotiates a rendezvous.

Seeing him with a “cougar”,a couple of fellow female students photograph “the couple” and send it out on social media. This conspires a comedy of errors that create a Kismet caper that cannons and careers in a kaleidoscope of comic, romantic and emotional situations.

A film loaded with zip and zest and plugged straight into the Zeitgeist, IT BOY is a joy.