Inset pic- Danielle Carter and Sam O'Sullivan. Featured pic- Sean Taylor and Danielle Carter. Production pics by Clare Hawley
Inset pic- Danielle Carter and Sam O’Sullivan. Featured pic- Sean Taylor and Danielle Carter. Production pics by Clare Hawley

MY ZINC BED, by award-winning and provocative playwright David Hare, made its debut at The Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2000. Its carefully crafted eloquence and finesse continues to attract audiences.  Mark Kilmurry’s current production is vibrant and funny with an appropriate underlying sadness throughout.

Husband Victor Quinn is a masterful raconteur whose colourful past had its roots in the communist party, at one time greatly popular with intellectuals and philosophers.  His transformation over the years brings him into the corporate world as a highly successful founder of an IT company.  Despite this success and wealth, Victor has not lost his penchant for the less fortunate and vulnerable.

Sean Taylor gives a magnificent performance as Victor, charismatic and complex, brimming with the relentless ability to win an argument, which can lead Victor to play dangerous games.

As the play opens, Victor is visited at home by Paul Peplow, (Sam O’Sullivan), a poet and recovering alcoholic, whose nervous disposition and low self-esteem intrigues Victor.  Paul is to interview Victor for a little known publication but soon finds he is entering stormy waters.

Victor’s attractive and smart young wife, Elsa (Danielle Carter) is introduced to Paul and soon finds a commonality with him as a once hopeless alcoholic herself – rescued, loved and cared for by Victor. The drinks trolley laden with Margaritas arrives and the fun begins.

The minimalist set by Tobhiyah Stone Feller and vibrant lighting by Nicholas Higgins serve to illuminate the fine word play.

Danielle Carter creates an intriguing and exotic character in Elsa.  It is easy to see why both men are in love with her.

Sam O’Sullivan plays the struggling and confused Paul with tenderness and pathos

This is a thought-provoking and intriguing play, well worth seeing. David Hare’s MY ZINC BED is playing at the Ensemble Theatre until Sunday 22nd November.