Welcome to the bizarre world of MRS RIVETTE’S WILD NIGHT IN! An erotic burlesque comedy pantomime about a widowed and now lonely homemaker hallucinating her wildest dreams when she forgets to take her medication.   Mrs Rivette seems to have sex on her mind.

“You like that pie? Say I made you, say I made you!” Mrs Rivette calls with such strong conviction as she goes into hysterics with Mr Pie.  As they did many times during the performance, the crowd went into uncontrollable laughter.

My favourite part of the show, hard to pick a fave but here we go, was her fetish session with the radio. The radio show appears to be demanding Mrs Rivett’s full attention.  Making very perverted requests. To the boppy, nod along music ‘Hurts So Good’ and ‘Let’s Get Physical ‘ there are increasingly weird suggestions. The long dead Mr Rivette has a kinky side.

Being unmedicated seems to be more of an asset than a hindrance as she reluctantly complies with the disembodied voice.   I’m not sure who is more surprised, she or us. She certainly seems perplexed by her own quirky reactions. It’s absolutely hilarious.

All set in the comfort of her beautiful pink retro kitchen Mrs Rivette shows her independence and takes you on a journey into her wildest erotic fantasies. It’s definitely a show full of surprises, some of which are less about the show than about yourself.   MRS RIVETTE’S WILD NIGHT IN! has the ability to make you feel awkward, make you cringe, make you laugh out loud and, most fun of all,  be aroused all at the same time.

You will never look at a pie, a radio or her pearl necklace the same again!  For those who missed the show which played as part of THE SIDESHOW FESTIVAL at The Newsagency there is a fun video posted by Mrs Rivette’s alter ego , Rosie Rivette. Hard to know who is the alter ego but anyway …   A short film featuring Mrs Rivette and an oh so scarring experience!

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