Production photos by Chrissie Ianssen (c).

One of the great achievements that writers accomplish is in the area of non-fiction, in their ability to bring people and their stories to life, so that they can be shared with everyone.

For many years Melbourne writer and playwright Gina Schien has wanted to her late brother’s story – his battle with schizophrenia which saw him in the end take his own life.

The result is her play Morgan  Stern which received its premiere production at Blood Moon in a production directed by Goldele Rayment.

It was really hard to hold back the tears as we watched Morgan’s painful, bizarre, brilliant story unfold in a very moving solo performance by Graeme Rhodes who played a number of  different characters as well as Morgan.

There was a haunting line in the play which bears repetition – ‘We can only guess at the hurt we cause. We are all a foreign language language to each other.’

The Company of Rogues and Blood Moon Theatre’s production of Gina Schien’s MORGAN STERN had only a too brief season at the Blood Moon Theatre between the 25th November and the 3rd December.