Michael Gurr’s CRAZY BRAVE @ Chippendale

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Inset pic- by John Ma Featured pic- by Alinta Burton photography

Don’t read this review. Seriously. If you are a lover of unique, intimate and relevant theatre, simply open a new tab, go to the Sydney Fringe site and book tickets to CRAZY BRAVE. The reason for the urgency? This show is one of the must see of the Fringe season and word is already travelling.

Written by Michael Gurr, political speechwriter, most notably for Steve Bracks, author, broadcaster and playwright, CRAZY BRAVE was written in 2000 but it is as crisp and germane as if it was newly minted.

A motley group of young people who are pretty much against everything are contrasted with Harold, an old time commie whose rebellion against the establishment has landed him on hard times. Harold fought from within. The modern fight is more blatant. Where will your loyalties lie when you experience this show?

There is so little I want to tell you about this production as the experience is to bespoke. The venue and setting don’t translate to print and I definitely don’t want to share my own sordid guerrilla past. But there are a few words to be said so you know what to expect.

Close up and personal; political and very lefty; emotional and upsetting in places; witty and chuckle out loud funny in others.

A joint Sydney Fringe and Cross Pollinate production, Michael Gurr’s CRAZY BRAVE, directed by Suzanne Periera, is playing Tuesday 22nd September to Sunday 27th September at 7.30pm at 19-15 Wellington Street Chippendale. To access the theatre go up the staircase.

Cast- Les Asmussen, Rhys Keir, Cecilia Morrow, Sam Trotman, Samantha Ward, Michael Wood.